80’s Power Lifting Stars

Mike Bridges (Birth date: february 1, 1957)

Mike Bridge Sumo Deadlift

Who is that? It’s a shame his feats aren’t hailed about today. Mike was the superlative powerlifter. A winner of five world championships and several world record. How about a total of 2105 lb at 181lb body weight. That’s total that maybe one other lifter has approached. Mike gave it hus all and was a supporter of the sumo-style deadlift and is one of the first to use it effectively.

Best Lifts:
1983 Men’s Senior Nationals
Squat: 365kg/804.69lb
Bench: 227.5kg/501.55lb
Deadlift: 320kg/705.48lb

Sam Samaniego (Birth date: 1955)

Sam Samaniego 70's Lifting Legend

Sam’s donation to powerlifting is stupendous! Sam is a world record holder in the 275lb class with a lift of 639lb in the bench press. You might say not bad – well let me tell you this, maybe 12 super-heavies have done 630 plus, but Sam, at 275, has out-benched at least half of the twelve. 

Best Lifts:
1985 Men’s Senior Nationals

Squat: 365kg/804.69lb
Bench: 227.5kg/501.55lb
Deadlift: 320kg/705.48lb

Lee Moran (Birth date: may 17, 1955 – Died july 15, 1999)

Lee Moran Squat Legend

Possibly the closest man to Dave Waddington in the squat. One would have to see the 325lb. Giant to appreciate his size. Lee not only squatted 1003, but he has bench presses 617.4 to give him the highest subtotal in history of power lifting. The one thing that keeps Lee from the world record total is a poor deadlift. But when you can squat 1000 anytime you fell like it, who cares about a poor deadlift. 

Best Lifts:
1984 Men’s USPF Senior Nationals:

Squat: 455kg/1003b
Bench: 280kg/617.29lb
1983 Men’s Senior Nationals
Deadlift: 320kg/705.48lb

Lamar Gant (Birth date: 1957)

Lamar Gant Eye Poppin Deadlift

Size did’nt mean anything to him. He lifted  like what he was, a world champiom. Can you imagine a man that tiny hoisting a dead lift of nearly 600lb. His total outdid his closest competiton by some 150lb. It is one thing to beat someone by all those he beat, so we want to remember him too.

Best Lifts:
1980 IPF Men’s World Powerlifting Championships

Squat: 260kg/573.2lb(WR)
Bench: 160kg/352.74lb(WR)
Deadlift: 285kg/628.32lb(WR)

John Gamble (Birth date 1957)

John Gamble

What is big, strong, and is shaped like a bodybuilder? John Gamble! John is what every new young powerlifter wants to be. A man who can get into slick clothes and not sacrifice his size or strength. John in a way is like the great Doug Young, but stronger. How about a man who can squat 892.9lb;  bench press around 580lb and deadlift in the 800’s. John has totaled just around 2300!

Best Lifts:
1983 Men’s Senior Nationals

Squat: 405kg/892.87lb
Bench: 260kg/573.2lb
Deadlift: 365kg/804.69lb

 Ed Coan  (birth: 1963)

Ed was born in 1963 to a large loving family in the Chicago,Illinois suburb of Evergreen Park.  Ed did one bodybuilding show as a teenager but he did not like the idea of losing weight, he wanted to become as big as possible. A 13 year old Ed saw Bill Kazmaier powerlift on television and he was instantly hooked. 

George Hechter (Birth date: august 14, 1961)

George Hechter Grizzly Bear

One of the nicest men in the power lifting game.
George has spread his body weight from 242 pounds all the way to the high 300’s. George is to be feared, and why not , it isn’t everyone who can squat 985 and total 2369lb. George has put his time in and i know we all appreciate George’s effort in supporting the game through his participation.

Best Lifts:
1985 Men’s Senior Nationals
Squat: 410kg/903lb
Benchpress: 265kg/584lb
Deadlift: 367.5kg/810lb

Full Article: George Hechter’s incredible weight loss

Doug Furnas (Birth date: december 11, 1959 – Died march 2, 2012)

Doug Furnas

Without a doubt, he was the greatest of the 275 pounders. How about doug’s billing – squat 985lb. — 600lb bench and a deadlift of 815 for a world record total of 2400 pounds. What can be said about a guy that can do exploits like that?

Best Lifts:
1986 1st World Powerlifting Championship
Squat: 446.7kg/984.4lb
Benchpress: 272.1kg/599.88lb
Deadlift: 369.6kg/814lb

Dan Wohleber (Birth date: 1961)

Dan Wohleber

It can be said that in a way he is a carbon copy of Ed coan. Just what do I mean? Dan’s statue, not his weight, makes him unusual for the hings that he has done. Dan is a poor bencher when it comes to fellows his weight, but he more than makes up for it in other two lifts. Dan has benched 400lb in his class when most men in his class were approaching the 600lb barrier . In the meantime, Dan has squatted 960lb and has made valid attempts to be the first with 900 in the deadlift. If dan can get his bench together, lookout! What has Dan done for the game?  He has proved that you don’t have to be a giant to do record poundages! Dan, like Ed and Fred Hatfield, has proven that the little man is in!

Best Lifts:
1981  Men’s Senior Nationals
Squat: 395kg/870lb
Benchpress: 172.5kg/380lb
Deadlift: 372.5kg/821lb

Ted Arcidi (born 1958/1959)

Ted Arcidi Bench Press 700lb budweiser 1985

When you talk about bench pressing, I have to enter Ted’s name for he is the only other person to do what I have done , bench press in excess of 700lb. Ted did 705lb., a record! The fact that Ted’s total may have been low does not depreciate the astronomical effort he has left us with.

Best Lifts:
1984 Honolulu, Hawaii

Squat: 227.5kg/501lb
Benchpress: 705.5 pounds (320 kg) 
Deadlift: 272.5kg/600lb

Joe Ladnier (Birth date 1963)

A prodigy of the great Larry Pacifico. Joe came alive within months with some lifting that is still admired today. A 220 pounds, Joe squatted 837lb. Jon’s training lifts around 2300lb!

Dr. Fred Hatfield (october 21, 1942 – Died may 14, 2017)

Dr Fred Hatfield

Also known ad Dr. Squat. Fred has held the squat record in several classes and he has squatted 1008lb at the Budweiser meet in 1986. Fred is the total squatter, his squats range from 918lb thorugh 100b. When squatting is being talked about , you can be sure that Hatfield will be named at the top. If you looked at Fred’s height (5’8″) and consider what Fred has accomplished, it’s simply outrageous!!!!


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