A Personal Interview with Abe Goldberg

A Personal Interview with Abe Goldberg
by Prof. Em. Orlick
Your Physique 1947 May

His name is Abe Goldberg, and believe me, Joe’s enthusiasm about him was not misplaced. Abe stripped to gym togs for me and gave a nice muscular display as anyone could hope to see. His body was terrific and his muscular definition phenomenal. He had perfect control of his muscles and relaxed or flexed them at will.

He performed for me a splendid oblique isolation, and a rib-box control such as I have never seen.
goldberg bodybuilder
Some idea of Abe Goldberg’s beautiful physique can be had from the photos which appear here. Look at the symmetrical proportions, the outstanding definition, and the tremendous power, portrayed. Here is a man who can stand up with the best of them. It is hard to pick any one feature which deserves more attention than another. His pectorals are magnificent and his latissimus muscles superb.

His biceps measure 17 inches, his chest is 47 normal, his waist only 30 inches and his thighs measure 25 inches.

I learned that Abe Goldberg hat entered the Mr. America contest but owing to a forced lay-off was not in top-form. However, he was still good enough to place 6th, and to be chosen as a finalist for best legs and arms.

Abe also has very well-developed abdominals and by tensing these is able to show five distinct ridges, a feat few bodybuilders are capable of.

Needles to say I was interested in knowing how such a magnificent speciment of manhood got to be the way he was.

What I discovered was surprising indeed. Abe, at the age of 14 years, was one of the smallest and thinnest boys in his school. At the time he weighed less than 100 pounds.

The boys-he played with, enjoyed trying simple stunts on the horizontal bar and parallel bars and used to vie with each other doing dips and chins.

Abe was usually at the bottom of the heap in any athletic or gymnastic endeavour and this rankled in his mind. He learned that lots of skinny lads had built themselves up through bodybuilding and he decided to give it a try.

He did every exercise he could think of and pestered his gym teacher for others. He made some improvement but not until he started weight-training did he really begin to go places.

Along with his weighttraining he took part in as many sports as possible and became quite proficient in track work and in swimming.

After a few months of the more intensive training he began to notice a remarkable change in his weight, height, strength and muscular coordination. He formed the Eastside Barbell Club and there, under expert instruction, began to develop the sensational physique he now possesses.

He also learned how to relax and practiced this so consistenly that noew he can relax and practiced this so consistently that now he can relax almost any muscle at will.

This has proven of great value to him in his muscular control and in conserving his strength for great outbursts or sustained action.

Abe Goldberg uses a sort of specialization system of training and certainly seems to be getting results with it. He works out three days per week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and each workout lasts from 3 to 4 hours.

On Mondays he does only arm and shoulder exercises; on Wednesdays he works on the pectorals and abdominals, and on Fridays does his leg work. He uses a great variety of exercises in order to bring every muscle and muscle group into play.

He also likes variety because it places stresses and strains upon the same muscles in different ways, thereby tending toward more all-round development and better muscle definition.

Abe spent three years in the army and had little opportunity to train. During this time he went up to 190 lbs. but at present he tips the scales at 175 lbs. He has worked off all of his excess weight and should soon begin to put on a few more pounds of muscle.

Abe’s interest in improving himself has awakened in him a keen desire to assist others and he devotes a great deal of his time coaching other aspiring bodybuilders. So keen has he become about this, that he has decided to make it his life work and is taking a physical education degree at New York University.

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