About Neckberg

Neckberg is synonymous with being strong and having a big/powerful neck.

Neckberg.com is a huge library/museum about training wisdoms and diet developed by champions; Mr. America, Mr. Britain, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, Weightlifting Gold Medalist or the World’s Strongest Man. Get bigger and stronger by practical experience and not by science! 

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All routines and facts are for FREE and based on old bodybuilding books or magazines which went bankrupt. None of these magazine articles were ghost written or made up. It was pure truth!

But these books and magazines are rare and expensive. Do you want to support neckberg.com? Do you want to read more great articles?! Then spread the golden era wisdoms with your training buddies. Share the articles through social media and help neckberg.com to get bigger and better! My main goal is to attract many visitors as possible and to keep these lifters alive! Especially reaching the young people is my biggest goal. They should read and know the great stories and tales about Big Jim Williams, Chuck Sipes, John Kuc, Ray Routlege and others!

INTERVIEWS/Guest Posting/Cooperation
For questions or cooperation e.g. writing articles, sending rare vintage article (I’ll give you full credit), or maybe you used to write for old magazines and want to make contribute here..then contact me at: neckbergcom@yahoo.com

I am also very interested about making interviews/articles with today’s bodybuilders/strongmen. I don’t care about followers or famous ‘influencers’. Do you know some unkown and badass athletes in your local area then contact me! Thanks.

I developed/designed the website. If you find any bugs/mistakes then contact me, thanks: neckbergcom@yahoo.com

Important before using any routines or diets!
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