Abs Workout Routine by Mr. Universe Reg Park

The following oldschool abs workout was developed by Mr. Universe Winner Reg Park! Reg Park (7 June 1928 – 22 November 2007) was an English bodybuilder and businessman. He won the Mr Universe in 1951, 1958 and 1965. He is probably best known as an idol and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold learned a lot of training stuffs from Park! Have fun – Mr. Berg

Reg Park’s Sixpack Workout Routine

Reg Park bodybuilder six pack workout

Do not try to obtain abdominal muscle perfection by diet alone. To do so can result in anemia or worse. In a case of obesity caused by glandular malfunction, seek the advice of your doctor. For the last fifty years, people have blamed gluttony when a man gained weight or became obese and sought to correct the condition by a restricted diet.

The main purpose in eating is to supply repair material for the tissue breakdown caused by everyday activity and exercise. When we are active, our muscular movements take care of any surplus nourishment, but when inactive, all we do is continue to store it and thus build up a layer of excessive flesh. That, very simply and without going into any technical details, is why we get fat and lose all shape in the region of the stomach.

The demands of the body for nourishment depend on the daily activity and the amount of exercise we engage in.

The more active a man happens to be, the greater the demand for replenishment of tissue that has been broken down by that activity, and the individual can eat more without fear of gaining excess weight.

As a sterling example of this, Reg Park saw in the logging camps of Washington, men six feet tall, weighing around  190 pounds, looking all muscle and sinew, without a single ounce of superfluous flesh. The quantity of food each man put away at meal times was incredible. One logger thought nothing of eating six pounds of steak. 

They actually needed these massive amounts of food. Nature saw to it that their excessively hard work out in the open air, in temperatures often below zero, gave them the appetite of elephants, and their strenuous tasks from day to day removed all accumulation of superfluous flesh.

But if we are inactive, not only in a particular area of the body, but generally inactive, there will be less encouragement for the physique to form firm muscle tissue and the muscles will become soft and flabby.

When a person is inactive, the deposits of excess repair material degenerate into fat. Consequently a more repair material degenerate into fat.

Consequently a more sluggish feeling is experienced, the posture becomes more and more slack, and the entire body present a flabby, ungainly appearance. It is at this point that the average man and woman seek advice and are promptly told that his or her only hope lies in dieting.

The adviser conveniently forgets that they also need exercise. If there are not physiological reason for the removal of excess weight just around the stomach, then obviously diet can help but little.

in so far as good muscle tone and development are concerned, diet will accomplish nothing. Naturally you will lose weight a little, but your posture and your muscle quality will have gained nothing.

The moment your diet becomes boring and you drop back to your old eating habits, the fat returns even faster than before.

Diet alone is not the answer to muscular or abdominal perfection and health.

In any abdominal programme, exercise and diet should walk hand in hand and not separately. Even in a well-conditioned athlete, excess weight gathers first on the abdominal region and leaves there last.

Even when a strenuous exercise routine of general scope is undertaken, the trainee still finds the region of the stomach the most difficult to condition.

It is generally recognized that the condition of the abdominal region directly affects the condition of the other muscle areas. The hips, lower back and upper thigh all gain excess flesh rapidly when the abdominal region is under par, or is flabby and soft.

Therefore, don’t worry about other parts of the physique at the present time, for once your waist area is conditioned, the calves, shoulders, arms, and upper back will toughen up with little effort.

Internal cleanliness is a most important point to consider. If you suffer from constipation – either mild or severe – the body will become loaded with fatigue poisons. You will experience a sluggish, lazy feeling.

Your attitude toward your training will lack enthusiasm. Sometimes a change of food, climate, water or scenery can throw things out of line.

At these times, a good cleansing diet of fruit juices – particularly lemon, orange, grapefruit and grape – and vegetable juices will give the bowels and the stomach a chance to get rid of all the poisonous waste matter clogging them up.

The natural laxatives such as grapes, raisins, prunes, honey and bran cereals are excellent aids to regularity and better than all the silly drugs sold under fancy names and fancier prices. Use safe, natural methods and follow a natural pattern and you will soon rid yourself of one of the curses of modern civilization.

If you are overweight, dress warmly during your actual exercise sessions. A track suit is best. Add a pair of trousers or a heavy sweater to the outfit in order to produce profuse perspiration.

You will not only internally cleanse yourself but also burn off excess surface fat. After your exercise session take a hot shower – never a cold one. Stay under the shower as hot as you can bear it and as long as you can.

Step out of the shower and dry yourself off, and as you continue to sweat, rub yourself down with a very rough towel. Step under the shower again and repeat the process.

During the summer months, sunbathing is an aid in achieving muscular defilement. 

When the hot sun beats down on the body, it increases perspiration, and the tan you get aids in giving an appearance of greater definition. Don’t forget, whenever you have finished sun bathing, or taking a shower, give yourself a good hard rubdown with a rough towel and then message the muscles gently, paying most attention to those areas of the physique which tend to gain in bulk more quickly than other areas – the waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Reg Park stressed that a well-balanced diet is a must. But of course there will be those individuals who feel they don’t eat enough at meals and will nibble away at something or other between times. 

Don’t eat between meals – and that goes for tea, coffee, cocoa and beer. Reg Park made it perfectly clear that all the good worked and favorable effect of this course and diet advice can be reduced to naught by eating snacks between your regular meals.

Heavy starchy foods are not recommended. Cut out all white bread and white flour products and all starches such as rice, bananas, cauliflower, potatoes, etc. 

Remove all fatty foods from your meals – no butter and no margarine.

Never eat fried foods and never eat meat that is too well cooked. Always eat the rare or underdone portions of meat.

increase your intake of salads and fresh green vegetables – especially spinach.

Never over-eat-take just enough to allay your hunger. If you get thirsty or hungry between meals, eat an orange or apple, or suck on a lemon.

The solid foods in your diet are important. Keep the protein content of your meals high and the starches entirely out. Reduce all liquid consumption to the absolute minimum.

When you are training for bulk, a lot of liquid gives fast results. In a definition program, excess liquid should be avoided. Therefore, cut out all soups, stews, and rich gravies.

Don’t eat cakes, pastries, pies, ice cream, and milk, for these too tend to produce bulk and increase the thirst.

Let salads – lettuce, cress, and water cress – supply you with your liquid intake will do much to help your reduce the surface layer of fat and bring the shape of the muscles out more rapidly.

Never drink liquid during your exercise period. Instead, suck on a lemon or orange – preferably a lemon.

Smoking is next on the forbidden list. It is also forbidden if you desire to gain weight. Reg Park did not intend at this time to tell you the harmful effects cigarettes have on the nerves.

According to Reg Park your stamina must be high if you hope to benefit from this program. If you get winded quickly you will not ne able to follow this schedule, not so much because of lack of lung power.

Your entire workout will suffer if you smoke.

Alcohol in any form is taboo. The quickest way to build up flab is to drink beer or spirits.

There is another factor of importance. Most people associate weight gains and excess flesh with middle years and old age.

Their process of reasoning is that because of advancing years, excess weight is to be expected.

The actual cause of increased bodyweight when we approach middle age is decreased muscular activity plus a slowing down of one’s metabolism. If a man remains active, he is not so prone to increase his abdominal girth. 

According to Reg Park there is no reason why all of us should not retain our health until the day we have to leave this world. Abdominal exercise can aid us considerably to enjoy a happy youth, adulthood, and a contented later life.

A firm, well-formed waist-line improves the appearance of everyone, regardless of age or sex.

An abdominal course will have a profound effect on the internal abdominal processes.

These processes are known as involuntary muscle actions – like the heart beat and breathing. We can’t control these muscle actions.

From the moment we take food into our mouths until it is expelled as a waste product, the entire process is one of muscle action.

Chewing, swallowing, digesting – all these processes are brought about to some extent by involuntary muscle action. Although we cannot work these muscles, they are stimulated by external exercise – are squeezed and kneaded by the bends and twists of the trunk and the function of the abdominal muscles. 

We will enjoy our foods more, digest them better, and eliminate the waste at the proper time – on time!

In actual physical work, the abdominal muscles guard against the tearing of the internal abdominal walls (rupture). They form a natural corset against the stresses and strains that we are subjected to in hard exercise and athletic activity.

In every sport, strong abdominals are essential. The trunk is twisted and turned vigorously, placing sudden strain on the rectus and oblique muscles.

In all sports, strong powerful stomach muscles are requisites and you fail without them. As your abdominal muscle tone decrease, so does your athletic ability.

Speed in exercise is extremely important. After you have selected your schedule and have worked yourself into it, go right from one exercise more than half a minute at the most.

If you rest too long between exercises you will find it hard to train down your surface fat.

As for the actual exercises that can be performed by every member of the family – they are as follows:

Leg Raises

Lie on your back with the board flat and hold on to the tubular uprights. Raise both legs up to the half-way-over position and lower. Keep the legs straight if possible but bend them if you find it difficult to do the recommended 30 repetitions. This exercise is for the lower abdominals.

Sit ups

Lie on your back with your feet supported under the strap – hands stretched overhead. Sit up and touch your toes 30 times. This is for the upper abdominals.

Alternate Leg Raises

Lie on your back with the board flat – holding on to the tubular uprights. Raise your left leg and as you start to lower it, raise the right leg so that they cross. Perform 30 with each leg. This is for the lower abdominals.

Lie on your back with the board flat – holding on to the tubular uprights. Raise your feet six inches off the ground – then open the legs as far as possible and bring them toward each other crossing them one over the other.

Repeat as many times as possible up to 50 repetitions. This is mainly for the lower waist and hips.

Body Twist Sit-Up
Lie on your back, feet under the strap with hands on waist. Sit-up and as you do, turn body from the waist as far to the left as possible. Lower and repeat, turning to the right.

Perform as many repetitions as possible. This exercise is excellent for the upper abdominals and sides.

Lying Side Leg Raises
Lie on your side and with board flat – holding on to the tubular uprights – raise your top leg up and as high as possible, taking care not swing it. Lower and repeat 30 times, then turn over on the other side and repeat with opposite leg 30 times. For the waist, hips and upper thigh.

Prone Hyperextension
Lie on your stomach with the strap across the back of your ankles and the board flat. Clasp your hands together behind your lower back.

Now bring your shoulder blades together and at the same time pull downward toward your feet with your hands, raising the body upward and backward as far as possible. Lower to the bench and repeat 15 times. 

This exercise which benefits the nervous system is also for the lumbar muscles.

Kneeling Alternate Leg Raises to Rear

Kneel on hands and knees on a flat bench. Raise your left leg backwards, straightening it as you do and raise it as far up and back as possible – keeping your arms straight. Lower and repeat with right leg and perform 15 times with each leg.

This is for the back of the thigh, hips and lower back.

You can perform these exercises every day or if time does not permit then on alternate days. If you should be stiff take a warm bath and soak in it.

When you can perform all eight exercises quite comfortably, you can then go through them again. 

After a while, as your stomach muscles and waist firm up, you can make every exercise more difficult and at the same time more beneficial by raising the bench to the first notch of the tubular uprights.

You can follow this procedure until you are able to perform all the exercises with the board at the highest incline, at which stage your stomach and waist problems should be solved,

Just in case you are of the impression that the foregoing applies only to the men let quickly assure you that it applies equally so to the ladies.

By following the advice on diet and regularly practicing the beforementioned exercises, you will soon possess a firm tummy and a slim waist which will improve your overall health and appearance.

Abdominal training for everyone – Reg Park (Strength and Health 1965 Feb)

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