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Bodybuilder Ric Drasin Passed Away

Ric Drasin was known for his great interviews named ‘Ric’s Corner’. He invited Tom Platz, Richard Baldwin and other golden era legends. They talked and laughed about the god old days.  According to his son, Ric had a knee replacement and it went wrong. And another knee replacement was planned in mid september. Today, bodybuilder historian …

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Strict Bicep Curl by Weight Class

Currently the exercise ‘Strict Curl’ is gaining popularity and now everyone isseeking for some quite information about it. “How much should I curl for my bodyweight?” is a popular question. It’s really hard to track down the strict bicep curl record because it’s just not established like the squat, benchpress and deadlift, but I tried my best …

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leonidas arkona

Leonidas Arkona – Berlin’s Muskel Gigant

Berlin, die Hauptstadt Deutschlands, ist bekannt für seine Gründerszene. Die Stadt ist voll von Menschen, welche den Straßen entlang gehen mit der Hoffnung, eines Tages ihre eigene Marke zu etablieren. In den letzten Jahren hat sich Berlin zu einem der größten Hotspots rund um das Thema Kraftsport entwickelt! Der Youtube-Kanal “Strength Wars” wurde 2012 von Konrad Wolf …

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3 Bodybuilders Who Committed Suicide

Many people suffer with those issues. Battling with issues is a common and normal thing in life. Strength stars like Travis Ortmayer, Chris Duffin and Chad Aichs used to discuss about those topics in the past. I researched and found three famous bodybuilders (Chuck Sipes, Vern Weaver, Joe Meeko) who committed suicide officially. There’s an another bodybuilder …

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roman fritz german bodybuilder

Roman Fritz: Blood, Pride and Determination

Roman Fritz has dedicated his whole life to bodybuilding success.  One of his personal trademarks is pure determination to exercise with great technique through using the power of concentration. Squatting is done deep, benching is executed slowly and controlled with the strictest form. Another trade mark of Roman is that he rarely skips any workouts. …

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Mike Knight got the chance to visit Pearl’s and Draper’s seminar in 2005. He gave me the permission to share his work! “First off, it was good to meet John Corlett and his brother today, they are great guys. Also their friend (sorry I can’t remember his name) who said that he actually “witnessed” Chuck …


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Historischer Trainingsleitfaden

Du willst unbedingt wie Arnie trainieren oder ein Profi-Bodybuilder werden? Und bist auf der Suche nach dem ultimativen Plan zum Erfolg? Ich muss dich leider enttäuschen. Arnold ist ein Fan des instinktiven Trainings. Es gibt nicht den EINZIG wahren Plan. Er hatte zig verschieden Pläne und seine Ansichten änderten sich ständig. Zum Glück existierten in …

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The Youtube-Channel ‘Strength Wars’ has a new leader ship. Owner ‘Konrad Wolf’ from Germany,Berlin sold it to the Americans ‘Generation Iron‘. Furthermore the Americans started producing a new movie entitled “Strength Wars: The Movie“. I think they had no time left for their new youtube appearance, so that’s why the channel Strength Wars seems to be …


Manfred Hoeberl is ALIVE (BULLETPROOF)

Manfred Hoeberl is an Austrian former strongman and powerlifter who was known as having the largest arms in the world during the early-mid 1990s. Hoeberl was born in the same town as bodybuilding legend and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. And again I am writing about austrian strongman Manfred. Maybe you’ll remember reading the short article …

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