Die Reinhard Lichtenberg-Story

Sport und Kraft (1963Rolf PutzigerSollten Sie an einem Sonntag Nachmittag in der alten bayerischen Kreisstadt Landsberg spazieren gehen und einem merkwürdigen bekannten jungen Mann in Luftwaffenuniform begegnen – 1,90m groß, auffallend breite Schultern, frisches offenes Jungengesicht – so können Sie fast sicher sein, daß es sich um den jetzigen Mr. Germany, unseren Reinhard Lichtenberg handelt. …

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Kettlebells For Different Development

KETTLEBELLS FOR DIFFERENT DEVELOPMENT By Siegmund Klein Nine out of ten of the old time strongmen had a certain ruggedness in their arms and upper bodies that many of the present day bodybuilders lack. In most cases this difference can be traced to the use of a variety of equipment now considered to be more …

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Ms. Hause allowed me to publish the great and historical article on neckberg. Thumbail picture by John Corlett, edited by neckberg. Written byIrene L. Hause Photos: One by Chris Lund; four uncreditedMuscleMag InternationalNumber 33, January 1983 After a particularly exhausting day at work, I am in bed, halfheartedly watching television. The phone rings, and the voice …


Abe Goldberg’s Diet For Definition (1957)

Abe Goldberg:”TO MOST OF US, dieting means eating less food to reduce weight or more food to gain weight. There are other aspects of healthful dieting, and to the bodybuilder – particularly the physique contestant – there is one diet that should make an immediate appeal; the super-high protein diet for muscular definition. Oddly enough, …

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schwarzenegger son joseph baena

A Brief Comparison Of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son, Joseph Baena

It is quite interesting how similar their faces are, you can not neglect the fact that Joseph inherited Arnold’s genetics, especially for the pursuit of bodybuilding. Joseph has been training for several years, and on Instagram he uploaded his first workout on 23. SEPTEMBER 2018 and since then has made some  huge progress.  There is a …

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Full Day of Eating With Schwarzenegger and Karl Kainrath

As every hard-core Arnold Schwarzenegger fan knows, before conquering the world of bodybuilding, he made a name for himself being an inhumanly strong weightlifter in Austria and throughout Europe. Arnold knew, bodybuilding was his real passion. In approximately 1966 he made the decision to move away from Austria to Munich, Germany.  Back in the day, …

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