frank zane benchpress

Bench press Like FRANK ZANE!

Recently I found a great article penned by ‘Joseph M. Horrigan’ published in Iron Man. He analyzed the benchpress and asked four world-class powerlifters (Doug Young, Dave Shaw, Roger Estep and Steve Miller) and one Mr. Olympia winner (Frank Zane) about their experience with the bench press. Doug Young: “I helped Larry Pacifico with his …


big ramy germany frankfurt

Big Ramy Takes Over Germany

If you’d search for Big Ramy on Youtube, then you’ll find a clip (uploaded by that went viral. It obtained 2.900.000 Views! What happened in Germany? 10 Months ago German Bodybuilding Legend “Dennis James” was running his own bb-show entitled Dennis James Classic. Further Dennis James plus Marku Rühl moderated the show. The Dennis …


dennis wolf podcast

2020 Podcast – Dennis Wolf and Tim Budesheim

German bodybuilder Tim Budesheim started his own Podcast serie entitled “Muscle & Mind”. Last week (20.09.2020) he had the honor to interview Dennis Wolf! Tim: How it all started? Did you always have the vision to become a Pro? Dennis Wolf: I was just a school boy, 18 years old and during my vacation I …


markus ruhl arm workout size training


The following is a quote from one of the most-watched motivational videos from the “Nicandro Motivation” YouTube channel, entitled “Monster”: “There’s only one word that can best describe our next bodybuilder, and that word is ‘freak’. You know him. You love him. You can’t have this show without him. All the way from Germany… clear …


Over 100 Bodybuilding Program Spreadsheet

Over 100 Bodybuilding Program Spreadsheet In the below you’d the most read blog posts about how the oldtimers trained. Plus I listed about more than 100 articles, which contain the spreadsheet/split routine they used back in the day! Learn how Arnold Schwarzenegger and all other 70’s bodybuilder trained for free. Neckberg is the only source …


How to Use Power Twister? The oldschool Way!!

The Power Twister Bar was heavily adversited in the old bodybuilding magazines in the 70s. You’d see in the ads Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Sipes, Frank Zane and Dave Draper advertising. This kind of widget is very oldschool. Don’t forget to check the “Chest Expander” article. It was back in the day very popular too. You …


german volume training results


Tired of reading science based stuff? And maybe you just want to read the results by real life athletes? Great, I picked up 2 famous german athletes, who followed the German Volume Training Principle and shared their experience! On the german Forum “” there’s a user named “MH-Pumper” and he wrote this: “I trained it …


pamela reif früher heute

Pamela Reif – Früher und Heute

Hier in diesem Artikel stellen wir exklusive Inhalte über Pamela Reif’s Frühstück, Training, Schule, Instagram und die Geschichte der Fitnessbewegung vor. In einem Interview mit dem Youtube-Channel ‘Gründerszene’ offenbarte Pamela Reif, dass sie vielmehr Herzblut in Ihre Website steckte als in ihren Social Media Accounts. Unglücklicherweise nahm sie ihre Website offline, dennoch war ich in …


darth vader weightlifting


Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘The Terminator’ and Steve Reeves ‘The Hercules’ are quite famous for their muscle size and success in the film industry. But unfortunately nobody is aware of Darth Vader’s bodybuilding career. Yes, even the dark side was bitten by the iron bug! David Prowse played the role in the first Star Wars movie due …


Leonidas Arkona – The Amicable Giant from Berlin

​Berlin, the capital of Germany, is well-known for its start-up scene. The City is filled with people walking on the street with hopes of establishing their own brand that will allow them to become somebody. In the last few years, Berlin has become one of greatest hotspots of everything strength related.  The Youtube-Channel “Strength Wars” …


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