Back Workout by Mr. America George Eiferman

“Unless you have had the privilege of standing near to Geroge Eiferman and have then studied his extraordinary muscle density, you cannot obtain a true view of him with your mind’s eye from reading meager attempts to describe his physique. Neither can you comprehend through words his likeable personality, exceptional wit or his friendly disposition. He remains merely an incredible enigma unless you know him, have heard him speak, absorbed his contagious smile and have taken a double or triple look at his almost unbelievably muscular body.

George at the age of 34 stands 5’9″ and strips at 210 pounds. His neck is 17 1/2″, arms 18 1/4″, chest normal 49″ and expanded 51″. His waist trims to 33″, thighs 25″ and his calves 16 1/4”.

His contracted pectorals are six inches thick
And that is hard to believe. Yet when he bunched his pectorals together that is what they measured with a “T-ruler.” This gauge is somewhat comparable to calipers, in that it reveals the thickness of any measured object; that is, if George’s pecs can be called objects. Normally, of course, his pectorals measure less – three inches or so in thickness. His contracted measurement, however, was taken near the armpit where all pectorals are thickest.

His arm density becomes unforgettable. The biceps and triceps have such thick cross fibers that his upper arms appear short; and this appearance is also caused by his high and exceptional supinator muscle at the top of the forearms which blends into the outer side of the lower section of the upper arm.

His enormous muscularity attracts everyone as he walks along the beaches in bathing trunks. It must be expected that his huge pectorals secure the initial attention, and yet one cannot help but let his eyes wander from head to foot as George approaches. It is then that his exceptional deltoids become appreciated, also his “ham-like” arms with their exceptional contours, his well trained waistline, his lats of ideal size and shape, although these particular muscles are always in relaxation just as are of his lumps and bumps. Eiferman is one outstanding fellow who never tries to look bigger. He does not have to. He seems to be at his best when in complete repose as far as bodily proportions are concerned. And besides, George is void of all selconsciousness. That, in turn, adds so much to his personality. His thick 25 inches thighs harmonize with his upper body, while his calves taper to a size which anyone would care to possess, with a 5’9″ body.

George Eiferman bodybuilder back pose

All eyes follow him as he leisurely strolls along the sands. It is then, after he passes, that complete appreciation can be had of his herculean physique. His back is most interesting even in relaxation. His bulky trapezius muscles harmoniously blend across his upper back and then into the posterior section of his deltoids which reveal fine roundness. His thick triceps also harmonize with his huge lats which are rounded and full. In plain words, he is a mass of muscle no matter from what angle you might view him, and this may be well appreciated when studying his relaxed back.

George Eiferman oldschool bodybuilder

George has become accustomed to being stared at so that he long ago completely disregarded it. His mind seems to dwell more upon other. This is always shown with his friendly approach. he is always happy with his ready smile for everyone. He might walk along the streets in slack and sports shirt and be stopped by someone almost every 50 feet with an “Hello George!” And George will smilingly converse with the fellow for a brief while and then walk another short space before being encountered once again.

When you would ask him who this particular fellow was with whom he had just spoken, George would reply, “I don’t know. I don’t think I have ever seen him before.” And George converses with everyone just as though he and the other fellow were old friends..

George Eiferman’s back workout

George Eiferman good morning

His routine for back training consists of six exercises. George always opened his workout with the “good-morning” exercise which he does for three sets of 10 reps, first using 125lb, then 165lb and lastly 205lb. And that’s merely “warming up.”

He next does the rowing exercise for his lats, arms and traps while bending forward. Three sets of these for 10 reps each and starting with 135 pounds, then into 255lb and finally 305 pounds.

George Eiferman back muscle

He next goes into back of neck presses with a 10 rep warm-up with 135 pounds, and with 165 pounds for the 2nd set, and finally 205 for his final set.

George Eiferman workout bodybuilding

Next comes his dumbbell rowing with one hand while bent forward and raising the bell as high as possible. Three sets again of 10 reps each, with 100 pounds first, 130 pounds next and a repeat set with the same 130 pounds. He then repeats the sets with the other arm.

George Eiferman rowing back workout

He follows this with upright rowing with barbell for two sets, using 135 pounds for 10 reps and then 155 pounds for the second set. No wonder his trapezius and forearms and deltoids have become so enormous!

His final exercise for his back is the raising of dumbbells laterally with straight arms while bent forward, using 35 pounds each hand. He makes three sets of 10 reps with his exercise for he finds this movement excellent for his deltoids.

George Eiferman’s diet

George Eiferman back

“When on tour I eat a very large breakfast. A large tomato or orange juice or other fruit juices. Whole wheat toast and six medium boiled eggs and some milk. My shows and tours are so strenous that I need this heavy breakfast to sustain me through my first two performances, and I make several of these daily when on the road. For lunch I have more juice and soup and some good protein foods, such as cottage cheese, fish, meat and meat substitutes, and always a salad. Dinner or supper is similar. I drink four glasses of water each day but never plan on it, just go by my thirst.

Juice are my favorite beverages, also milk, but I never drink over a quart and a half of milk a day.

I never force food nor stuff myself, as I believe this can be harmful. I always strive to eat sensibly. I prefer fruit instead of too much candy and cake, yet I confess I do like fruit pies if available. And I avoid all fried foods as much as possible. During the eight or nine months I am on the school tour, I can’t eat nor live the healthy life I believe in, but must adjust myself to environments as best as possible. For example, in a small town with but one or two restaurants, where they fry nearly everything, I am forced to eat fried foods for that one meal; or if there is no whole wheat bread, I must eat white bead instead. I never like to give a waitress a hard time with my order. However, I always manage to get to a market and get my apples, oranges, bananas, raisins, etc., to supplements my diet.”

S&H Feb 61, Earle Liederman – The one and only George Eiferman

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