Back Workout Routine by Mr. America Vern Weaver

Vern Weaver won the Mr. America title in 1963. The following oldschool back workout routine was developed by him. Have fun – Mr. Berg!

Program No. 1 – It is designed strictly for strength and for individual who prefers heavy training. However, this program is also equally effective in gaining size or bulk.

After you are properly warmed up then proceed to add more weight until you have reached about 80 per cent maximum poundage (Note: From time to time, or about once per week, work up to maximum in either the clean or the deadlift, but never both in the same work-out). This is just a precaution that Weaver suggest you observe so that you will not develop any unnecessary injuries.

vern weaver mr america back bodybuilder

Program 1 Exercises Comments
Cleans Work up to 80 per cent maximum, such as 5-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-(1)
Deadlift Same as cleans. Begin with your maximum cleaning weight
Chins or Rows (barbell or dumbbell) 5 x 8

Program No. 2 – It is desgined for the bodybuilder who is determined to make notable gains and is willing to train extra in order to reach his goal.

Program 2 Exercises Comments
Cleans 5 x 6
Deadlifts 5 x 6
Shrugs Normally ( 3 x 8 ). If you need more work, then do more sets
Back Hyper-extension or Good Morning Exercise Take your preference ( 3 x 10 or 12 )
Chins or Rows Barbell or Dumbbell Take your preference. Place weight on chins, if necessary 5 x 6

According to Weaver it’s important for you to stretch after you have completed your workout. Hang from a bar either with your hands or your feet in order to stretch the back and relieve any spinal pressure which usually prevails from the stress one outs upon his back during such a vigorous workout. This is extremly important. Make stretching part of your training program.

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