Big Ramy Takes Over Germany

If you’d search for Big Ramy on Youtube, then you’ll find a clip (uploaded by that went viral. It obtained 2.900.000 Views! What happened in Germany?

10 Months ago German Bodybuilding Legend “Dennis James” was running his own bb-show entitled Dennis James Classic. Further Dennis James plus Marku Rühl moderated the show.

The Dennis James Classic 2019 was the biggest bodybuilding competition in Europe. Around 2.500 bodybuilding fans booked it and watched the whole show. It was a big success. [2]

Famous german bodybuilders like David Hoffman, Mike Sommerfeld and Adolf Burkhard competed there. David Hoffmann won the competition and Big Ramy guest posed there.

After winning the Show he was interviewed. David Hoffman said: “The year 2019 wasn’t really great for me. I injured my back (herniated disk) and placed 11th at the Olympia IFBB, Classic but at the Yamamoto Pro Cup (Italy) I placed third and I was satisfied with my physique. [1]

Interviewer: “So Mr.Olympia was a failure, but at the Dennis James’ you were on point?”

David: “Ah,I would not say the Mr. Olympia was a failure, I don’t know about the Dennis James Classic..At first I’d to see the pictures to review my body. (…)”

jusup wilkosz
Jusup Wilkosz’s Booklet “Schulter” from neckberg’s archive

Dennis James tried inviting Jusup Wilkosz (Arnold’s Training Partner), but James said that his health condition isn’t really great. But he was able to invite bb-legend Hubert Metz (1977 German Champion)! [2]

Markus Ruhl helped Dennis James running the show, but he got a call from his wife. She told him that somebody broke into their house! [3], so he had to leave the competition:

Big Ramy Takes Over Frankfurt, Germany

Dennis James: “Big Ramy had to travel very long and lost some weight. He is weighing 148 Kilo! (326lb)”

Adolf Burkhard weighed 138 Kilo (304lb). So they started posing and the crowd just went crazy!



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thumbnail picture from Repone’s Youtube Video @Matthias Busse

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