Bodybuilding Secrets of The Pros by Boyer Coe

Boyer Coe trained and knew the golden era bodybuilders. In this article he will reveal the secrets of those legends. The following article was published 1974. – Mr. Berg

“Over the past 12 years that I have been associated with the Iron Game, one thing has become clear. I believe that in bodybuilding, more than any other sport, the trainee thinks that there must be some big secret to winning and if he could just learn it, he too could reach the top.

Last week I was in Chicago meeting with Bill Blake and Chuck Kutzer who are sales representatives for me. Both Bill and Chuck are competitive bodybuilders and promote bodybuilding in the Chicago area.

Since winning the Pro Mr. World and Pro Mr. Universe this past September, I have been questioned endlessly about my training; how often, how much, how long, about supplements, posing, etc. This get together at Bill’s home was no different. I enjoy sharing what I know with others, because it wasn’t that many years ago that I was on the other side of the table asking for advice and people were always willing to help me.

However, there was one fellow in this group who had a real negative attitude, and this is one thing that I just can’t stand. He began to pour out his problems, telling me he couldn’t make progress, couldn’t stick to his diet, couldn’t get stronger, couldn’t gain, etc. He was sure that there was a SECRET, and if I would just tell it to him, then he could really change, and make some progress.

His ears really perked up when I told him that I knew what the solution to his problem was, and that there was a secret, if you want to call it that, that all of the champs make use of. At this point the room grew very quiet, everyone leaned forward in their chairs and strained their ears just in case I might whisper this timely piece of information. When I simply said “ATTITUDE”, everyone looked at me as if I were crazy. But it is quite true. Your attitude is perhaps THE most important element in building a championship physique or for accomplishing anything for that matter.

The mind controls our body and our every action. If we can master the mind, we can accomplish anything. The person who always seems successful or the one who always has good luck is the same one who has mastered this technique.

In relation to your training, it is the fellow who BELIEVES he will succeed who will win the top contests. He trains with confidence that each workout he takes makes his goal one step closer. For example, the very first workout I took many years ago was done with a close friend of mine. We were both the same age and about the same build except that he was a bit taller. We both had a good basic structure and were about the same in strength. But the very day I took my first workout I made up my mind that I would develop a good physique. Naturally I did not have the goal of the Mr. America title in mind that first day, but it didn’t take long before I did. He, on the other hand, trained but did not set a goal for himself, more or less just going through the movements. He soon gave up training but I kept at it. I was convinced that I could succeed.

It’s true that some have more potential for developing a tremendous physique, but all of us have greater potential in some area than the next fellow. I’ve had people tell me “Sure it was easy for you to win, you had a good bone structure, naturally small waist and thin skin for better muscularity.”

I also had a hard time gaining size. I never, at any point gained weight rapidly. I had to work for every pound I gained. But I was willing to put forth the EFFORT.

Red Lerille told me he was extremely thin as a youngster, and shorter than average. When he told others at the gym that someday he would win the Mr. America, they laughed at him. It only served to make him more determined. He turned a negative reaction into a positive reinforcement for him.

I’ve known Casey Viator since he was 12, about the time he started training. Sure he was big boned, but all over. His waist and hips were thick and wide, his shoulders were even rather narrow. You couldn’t say he had outstanding potential, but look what he accomplished, winning the Mr. America at 19. He told me many times how he knew he was going to win the Mr. America some day. He wasn’t bragging, he was sincere. His poor potential didn’t hold him back.

Dave Draper was another fellow with poor potential in one respect. HE was big and had plenty of size, but that was it. He had no shape or muscularity, yet look what he accomplished by putting forth effort and believing in himself.

I am here to tell you that all the champs have one thing in common, no matter how they trained, what supplements they use, or who claims they were responsible for a particular champ’s progress. They all believed they could win, and they stuck to it until they succeeded. After all, everyone of us at one time was a beginner trying our best to climb that ladder to the top.


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