Bulk Up Routine by Paul Anderson

Paul Edward Anderson (October 17, 1932 – August 15, 1994) was an American weightlifter, strongman and powerlifter. He was an Olympic gold medalist, a world champion and a two-time national champion in Olympic weightlifting. In this article you will learn how Mr. Anderson obtained body bulk, have fun – Mr. Berg

Paul Anderson cited that to achieve more muscular body weight, two things are most important – diet and exercise. We have heard it said that “we are what we eat.” This is undeniably true. We are also molded by the daily physical movements we make. So, to sum it up simply, diet and exercise are the two most important factors involved in weight gaining.

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Any physical movement will condition and build our body’s muscle tissue to a degree, but we will only deal with four lifting movements – the squat, the deadlift, the benchpress and the bent arm pullover. Most seasoned lifters will immediately recognize the value of the first three exercises, but will possibly be puzzled by the fourth one. You will son how the bent arm pullover fits in and playss its crucial role.

Using these lifts in a three-day-a-week program (Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), do the sets and repetitions as follows. For the first six workouts, do one set of squats – ten repetitions. Immediately after replacing the bar on the racks, take your position on the bench and do a srts of ten repetitions in the bent arm pullover, inhaling and exhaling as deeply as possible, breathing particularly fully in the far back position. After recovering from the squats and bent arm pullovers, do a set of five repetitions in the deadlift, followed by another set of ten repetitions in the bent arm pullover. As soon as your energy returns, perform a set of eight repetitions in the benchpress and once again do the set of ten repetitions in the bent arm pullovers immediately afterwards, remembering to take in as much air as possible in the back position.

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By now I am sure that you can see what we are trying to achieve by doing the set of pullovers after each exercise. We are attempting to expand the rib caage, taking advantage of the heavy breathing induced by the strenuous lifting in the benchpress, deadlift and squat. After the first six workouts, add another set in each of these three exercises, still doing a set of pullovers after every set. Then after twelve more workouts, move up to three sets of each exercise continuing to sandwich the pullovers in between each set. Stay with this program of three sets as long as it is beneficial to you.

As far as diet is concerned in weight gaining, Paul Anderson does not want to go into an entire rampage of theoretic nutrition, but will just give some of his basic ideas.

We all know beyond doubt how important protein is to our muscle development, but we shouldn’t forget the importance of fats and carbohydrates. Each of us is a little different in our basic metabloism. This fact was the mother of the old saying, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Although this is quite an exeggeration and is putting it a little gruffly, it is definitely scientifically accepted that we all do not require the same amount type of food.

The best weight gaining foods come from basic foods we eat everyday, promoted by a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, and, of course, a protein supplement. You can’t ingest too much protein. To accomplish our goal, we must force ourselves to eat more of every good food. Milk is a wonderful weight producer, and has many advantages. Besides being almost a perfect food, we can obtain it everywhere, carry it with us, and consume it in a second or two most anyplace. It is hard to beat. It certainly works for Paul Anderson.

He personally has had better results by abdandoning the traditional three meals a day, and keeping something constantly in his stomach. According to Anderson milk is outstanding because we can use it periodically during the day. Protein supplements in pill form also serve this purpose. T his theory is practiced among livestock feeders and horse trainers. An animal can gain far more weight by constantly nibbling than by being fed on a set schedule.

According to Anderson how much food you eat, how much milk you drink, and how much protein in supplement form you take is all up to you, but to gain weight you must eat more than your apppetite desires. If you will do this. Follow the exercise program suggested earlier and get a little more than your share of rest, you will get those pounds faster than a rooster can get a june bug.

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