Bulking Up: Gain 10-15 pounds!

Jerry Daniels was able to beat Sergio Oliva in 1965. Here’s his bulking up philosophy (developed 1965). He promises that you’ll gain 10-15 pounds! – Mr. Berg

“There are times when every bodybuilder becomes discouraged with his progress. I have found that the best way to break this mental and/or physical staleness is to change my routine. No one can stay on the same program for a long duration and expect to improve continuously. You can change the number of sets or repetitions that you are performing. You can change your entire program or you can take a short lay-off. When I find that I have become stale I change to a bulk-up program.

The first step that I take before I begin the change over is to take a five-day lay-off. During this time I cut way down on my food intake. I believe that this allows the digestive system a chance to rest before I begin to put a great deal of work on it.

The week’s rest gives my body the opportunity to build up some resistance so that I will not be drained to the point of sickness once I start on the bulking-up routine, The lay-off is the best time to plan the routine that you are going to follow. You will need to consider what you want out of the new program in the way of bodyweight, muscle size, and definition. Set some definite goals and strive to obtain them. Undoubtedly, you will start on your new program with a great deal of renewed enthusiasm. My normal routine consists of about four exercises for each body part for 4-5 sets and about 8-12 repetitions, depending, of course on the specific body part. When I go on a bulking program I select just two exercises for each area, making sure that these are exercises in which I can use heavy weight. I will outline the program which I use when I go on a bulking routine.

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I start off with Wide Grip Bench Presses, I do two sets for warm-up, then jump to a heavy weight and do six reps. I increase the poundage 20 pounds per set and never do over 6 reps. I do this until I reach a maximum for the 6 reps, then drop back to the first poundage that I did with a heavy weight and do two final sets. This will usually entail a total of approximately 8-10 sets. Be sure that you do not start too heavy. The second exercise that I select for the chest area is the Incline Dumbbell Press. I do four sets of six reps with a heavy weight.

I follow the same idea for the arm routine as I did for the chest. I select two exercises each for the biceps and the triceps. Be sure to do the movements strictly and with concentration. I start with the barbell curl. Be sure to warm up properly before going on to the heavier weight. Follow the same rule that I outline in the chest routine, except do only five sets. Remember, do not do over six reps. Do the Bent Over Curls with Barbell for the second biceps exercise. For the Triceps, do the Triceps Pullover Press and the Triceps Press Down. All exercises must be done with heavy weights.

The two exercises that I recommend for the shoulders are the Press behind the Neck and Laterals. Both should be done in sets of five or the usual six repetitions.

Do the Dorsi Bar Pulls, alternating front and back with as much weight as you can handle for six reps. My second exercise is a combination of High Pulls and Rowing. I begin with four reps of Hig Pulls, then without stopping I do four reps of Close Grip Rows. Four sets is usually all that you can do if you use heavy enough weight.

The best exercise for bulking is the old stand-by, the Squat. Start off with a light poundage and warm up thoroughly so as not to damage the knees. Do 8 sets of 6 reps in the Squat with a weight that really makes you work.

You should also pay attention to the thigh biceps. Thigh Curls will work this area very well. These can be performed on a Thigh Extension machine or by doing what I call the Reverse Sit-Up, you must hook your heels under the strap of a sit-up board and pull yourself up using the leg biceps.

Your progress on this program will depend largely on your food intake. Likewise, what you eat will determine what kind of weight you will gain. Gaining weight is not difficult, but gaining muscular weight is quite an art.

Basically, I would say that if you eat good foods which are high in protein then you will gain the desired type of bodyweight. Avoid foods which are high in carbohydrates. 

For breakfast you might try alternating eggs with oats. Add raisins, wheat germ, and honey to your oats for an added boost. Try adding a light glaze of honey on your hard-boiled eggs so as to take the dry taste away.

Eat all you can hold and then some. A couple of hours after breakfast have a can of tuna fish or some fruit. Vary the type of fruit often so that you will not get tired of any one kind. It would be ideal to have beef for dinner, but this is not always economically possible. Try to include as much protein in your noon meal as you can.

Cottage cheese, meat and fruit make up a fine noon-day menu. Try to eat your evening meal early enough so that you can eat again right before you retire. For a bed-time snack try scrambled eggs mixed with beef. This final bit of protein enables the muscles to metabolize more during the night. Use skimmed milked instead of whole milk so as to avoid excessive fat.

Try to get plenty of rest when bulking up – at least 8-10 hours. Your body must have this rest in order to recuperate properly. I have found that I can gain 10-15 pounds on this program very rapidly and without losing a great deal of definition.

if you are planning on entering a physique contest you should drop this program 6-8 weeks beforehand and concentrate on definition training.”

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