Cable Training by Mr. America Chuck Sipes

According to Mr. America Chuck Sipes cable/band training puts more and more tension on the tendons, ligaments, and muscle area. Through cable work, these areas are strengthened in a different way than from weight training. With this thought in mind, the powerlifter would be wise to consider such training with cables in a powerlift schedule because of the tremendous strength factors involved from the added tendon and ligament work.

Chuck Sipes used to spend a great deal of time in the wilderness. During this time he had only some chest expanders in his back to keep training.

This is the type of exercise program that Sipes followed when out in the wilderness.


He arises every morning early. Eats a light breakfast. Loads an 80 to 100lb. pack upon his back and begin the day’s hike. Late in the afternoon, the hike is terminated and it is at this time that Chuck begins his exercise program. The total program of cable movements and movements takes from 1/2 hour to 45 minuted to complete.

With cables:
Traps (cable shrug)
Delts (two hand upright rowing)
Chest (chest pulls)
Biceps (cable curls)
Forearms (wrist curls and reverse curls)

Sipes perform two sets of 10 to 12 reps on each movement. Chuck feels that two sets is all that is necessary for fitness cable training as long as MAXIMUM EFFORT IS APPLIED.

Now Chuck performs two sets of 25 in the leg raise and two sets of 50 in the front bend for the abs. Now the program of the day is finished off with 10 sets of 10 reps in the push up and one final set of 50 very quick rep pushups. Chuck finds that his torso is flushed to the macimum from this very simple but effective program. Chuck trains his legs with a jog or run of a few miles in this late evening.

Concluding the advice from Chuck Sipes on cable training.

“The points of suggestion in reference to this cable training article are up to the individual and the type of training he enjoys.” “Unless the individual is ENJOYING his training program, he will get discouraged and not put forth FULL EFFORT.”

Editor’s note: Mr. Universe winner Reg Park developed a chest expander course. Maybe you would be interested in reading the course. Use the tag system and click on “cable training”.

Thumbail pictured Chuck Sipes (courtesy of Dennis B. Weis)

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