Casey Viator’s Brutal Arm Training

As Casey Viator started training he had about a 17 1/2 inch (43cm) arm. Back in those days he used to use a lot of heavy, heavy movements, barbell curls, heavy lying tricep extensions, heavy dipping and chinning.
Everything was done pretty strong, he moved slowly so he has never had elbow or knee problems. He did this without thinking.

Casey: “My bloody forearms pump so much when I train my biceps. They hurt like hell!”  

But later he stopped working heavy and followed the below arm routine to build size.

Arms Set Rep Weight
Seated dumbbell curl 1 12-15
Lying barbell extension 1 12-15
Dumbbell french press 1 12-15
Close-grip chin 1 12-15
Palm-up wrist curl 1 25 190lb
Palms down wrist curl 1 25 80lb

Note: The third exercise should be done with a strap and set of cables, if possible, but a dumbbell won’t really hinder you

Casey’s thoughts about arm training

According to Viator most bodybuilder are training their arms too much. And they quit right when they are starting to warm up that muscle. They quit at 8 reps when they should go on. Casey personally thought the maximum you can do is 6 sets for both biceps and triceps and still get maximum gains with itensity.

Six sets of 10 to 15 reps progressive. Repetition you know also contributes to all these injuries from doing many sets. 

Casey Viator: “I don’t care what my measurements are as long as I look good. (…)  I think if you can display them right it is one of the basic things to win a physqiue contest. Proportions mean so much you have to have everything balanced. That’s what the problem is with professional bodybuilders today. There’s not a balanced physqiue. Well, Frank Zane has it but he’s not big enough.”

Muscle Digest April 1979

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