Chuck Sipes Training for Benchpress, Deadlift and Squat!

Dennis Weis is a freelance professional writer and investigative research consultant in the fields of bodybuilding. Mr. Weiss used to correspond with Chuck Sipes back in the 70’s. The following routines are based on his work from the Iron Man magazines. Hat’s off to Mr. Weis!

Advanced bench press routine

Dennis Weis used the below bench program and he gained 40lb on his benchpress!

On the Bench Press routine Chuck used to begin at least 6 months before an important meet. This is a 5 day routine which is very intense and is not at all to be considered by anyone with less than 2 or so years of regular training. This special program covers all the necessary muscles required for maximum bench pressing ability. There is much direct effort which strengthens the ligaments and tendons, an area of development that Chuck has always emphasized in all his training programs.

Monday & Wednesday Comments by Chuck Sets x Reps
Warm up prone, regular grip   2 x 10
Benchpress   10 x 6-4-2-1 (2 sets 6 reps, 2 sets 4 reps; 2 sets 2 reps; 4 sets 1 rep)
Tuesday & Thursday    
Heavy Supports 100lb over best press 1/4 inch way down and lock out 5×8
Prones   5×1
Heavy Support Close to maximum poundage 3×4
Prones Close to maximum poundage 5×2
Incline Press Wide grip on bar 4×6
Dumbbell Incline Press Slowly 4×6
Pullovers Very light weight – Deep breaths 2×20
Bench Dumbbell Laterals Very deep breaths – stretch good 4×8

Note: If you cannot use the poundages on the support movements Chuck says to use whatever is within your limit to reach the required suggested repetitions.

Chuck’s squat specialization routine

Exercise Sets x Reps
Full Squats 10×8-6-4-2-1 (2 sets 8 reps, 2 sets 6 reps, 2 sets 4 reps, 2 sets 2 reps, 2 sets 1 rep) – Light to heavy weights
Quarter Squats 6×10
Leg Press 8×6

Chuck mentioned that it is very dangerous to do any type of heavy support or 1/4 movement without the aid of a power rack and a spotter. The weights used in these heavy movements should always be properly warmed up to and done under control at all times. You can’t afford sloppy form in these heavy movements. The older one gets the longer it takes to recover from an injury.

Chuck Sipes’ deadlift specialization routine

Exercise Sets x Reps
Deadlift 10×8-6-4-2-1 (2 sets 8 reps, 2 sets 6 reps, 2 sets 4 reps, 2 sets 2 reps, 2 sets 1 rep) – light to heavy weights
Deadlifts from low bench; Place Deadlift bar on end of prone bench and begin your pull from that position. Use your regular style 6×4
Deadlift; hold bar at erect, stand up position. Chuck mentioned that to eliminate the problem of tender callouses, soak the hands in a tuff skin solution. 6 sets 1 minute

Any of these routines are not to be followed over 3 times per week due to the severe intensity demanded upon the particular area being worked. Chuck says to add weight when the reps are easily performed or the required time limits are met on the support movements.

Note: The routines were sent to Denis Weis when he had a lagging body part. The routines were tailored for Weis’ particular problem areas. For the ones who do attempt to give these routines a fair trial some will find, that a lot of thought and preparation went into the routines relating to how the exercises were arranged in certain sequences relating to where the shaping and definition movements were placed for maximum gains.


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