Developing A Massive Chest

The following chest workout routine was developed by golden era legend Boyer Coe around the 70s – Mr. Berg

“This is one bodypart, along with arms that most bodybuilders enjoy working. The chest is a large muscle area, and responds quite easily to proper exercise. However some bodybuilders tend to overdo pectoral development. Thy build enormous mass in the best region with no consideration to rib cage development. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for thick massive pecs full of striations, but I think just as much emphasis should be placed on expanding the rib cage. Both pectoral development and rib box development should complement each other.

Another point I would like to make concerns the benchpress. Personally I feel that the benchpress will not contribute muscle to chest development. Now I’m not saying that the benchpress is not a good exercise but I feel it affects the deltoid region more than the chest.

I like bench presses. I’ve always done them but I used this movement more for power and psychological reasons than anything else. I guess I had better elaborate on this a little.

There should always be one exercise in the routine that you really handle some heavy poundage in its performance. I’ve always felt that all well built men should have a certain amount of raw bone power about them. Being able to handle impressive poundages in an exercise give you a positive attitude and keeps your interest in the workouts at a peak.

The bench press happens to be an excellent exercise to excel in as far as handling heavy weight.

In the bench press happens I’ve never performed more than three our four repetitions a set, always using a maximum poundage.

Now I would like to outline a number of exercises that I feel will give you complete pectoral development.

Incline Bench Press
This movement is for the most difficult area of the chest to develop…the upper “pecs”. The first time you try this exercise it will seem as if the bar wants to go everywhere but up. This initial difficulty in balancing the bar is easily overcome, so don’t be discouraged by it.

Start out with a light weight and concentrate on establishing a plane for the bar to travel in. Your strength and control will improve rapidly once you become accustomed to the movement.

Hold the bar just below the throat, with the hands out almost to the collars. Keep the bar on a plane just over the throat all the way to arms’ length and back. It is also important to remember not to arch the back, but perform the exercise in a strict manner.

Incline Flies
This is another excellent exercise for the upper chest region.

The interested bodybuilder will need all the development he can get in this area, for I’ve never seen any trainee with too much muscle in this area, were pectorals and shoulder muscles tie together.

Select a weight you can use for all the reps prescribed without too much strain. You should start with the arms overhead, then slowly lower the weights until they are just about parallel to each other.

Take care at all times to keep excessive strain off the elbows. Perform 12 reps per set for a good pump.

Cable Crossovers
This is a good finishing exercise for the upper pectoral region. This accounts for much of the muscular striations found in the chest. Perform 4 sets of 15 reps.

This is THE best exercise for the lower pec, and also my favorite chest exercise. The parallel bars used for dips should always be at least shoulder high. This allows for a complete stretching of the muscle in the down position. In performing the exercise you should touch the feet flat to the floor in the down position. 

This may be impossible at first but it can gradually be achieved as you become accustomed to the exercise. As the dips become easier to perform, weight should be added for extra resistance.

Straight Arm Pullover
This is one of the very best exercises for stretching the rib box and enlarging the chest cavity. The exercise in conjunction with heavy forced breathing will really expand your chest, and will also develop the serratus magnus muscles, those finger like muscles just under the larger chest muscle.

Lie with your head on the bench and hold the bar at arms’ length over your head. I generally hold the bar with a wide grip, as this seems to give a better stretch. But this is something you should experiment with and find the grip that feels best for you.

Take a very deep breath and hold it while you lower the bar as far as possible, still keeping your arms straight. Then slowly raise the weight back to starting position and exhale. Don’t use too much weight in the exercise, the style in which you perform it is much more important.

You should concentrate on stretching the rib box as much as possible, rather than using heavy poundage.”


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