Do’s and Don’ts In Physique Competition

“There are more people entering physique contests today than ever before. Most of them will train extra hard for a contest, rarely missing a workout. But training hard isn’t enough. A whole year of training will not help you as much as it should if you neglect certain things that may seem of little importance to you.

Little unimportant trivial to you may be bigger in the eyes of the judging panel. They may also be the deciding factors that determine where you place in the contest. Whether you are training for a small local contest, a state contest, or even the Mr. America title, you can drastically reduce your chances of placing high or winning, by a variety of seemingly unimportant things.

You may fail to place high because of your pre-contest diet a few months before the actual contest. You may not be chosen as the winner due to your attitude at the contest, or even by your actions at the pre-judging. These and many more things can and will decide the outcome of your place in physique competition.

Let’s discuss a few of these do’s and don’ts that are involved in physique competition. First of all lets go back to the beginning, a few months before the contest.

At this time you should pay strict attention to your diet. You should strive for muscular size with separation and cease any bulking up programs you have previously employed.

Increase your protein intake and eliminate your carbohydrates. I suggest you take a protein supplement approximately every 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day. Do not take this during your workout period.

Along with this you should eat five or 6 small meals a day, ensuring your body of an adequate amount of protein for muscle repair.

Your workouts should be increased to six days a week during this three month period. A split routine will be a must when you start your six day training program.

In my particular case, I train approximately 3 1/2 hours per workout and only train 1/2 of my body during each workout. (Yu can see from this type of program that I must split up my training, employing the six day program.)

If I trained only 3 times a week I’d have to do every body part in one day. This would involve approximately 7 hours. This is very impractical as my body can only take so much work at a time.

Another big factor in physique contests is your general appearance. 

This is so important in selecting a title holder that it is included as one of the categories on the judge’s scoring sheets. Even though it is very important you’d never know it by the appearance of some physique contestants.

I think if you are seeking a title, no matter how small, you should always be conscious of your appearance. Not only in posing trunks but also when fully dressed.

Even though you aren’t actually judged by your street clothes appearance, this will give the judges some idea of what you are like. The judges have so little time to spend with each contestant that they will have to draw their conclusion as to what kind of person you are any way available to them.

I know you are probably wondering, “What does all this have to do with my physique?” 

You are also probably saying, “The way I act and look doesn’t make my physique better.”

You are right, but in a contest the judges are seeking an individual to award the title to, not just a body or physique. No one wants to give a title to someone who dresses sloppy and acts even worse. This should easily be understood because you are admired and will be seen in many places.

If someone points you out as being a Mr. Somebody, I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone to say, “He sure doesn’t look like it.”

I’d like to mention a few things not to do when you are at a contest or even in the city where a contest is held. Don’t show up at the auditorium where the contest is being held in a tight fitting short, or in your posing trunks; towel and robe thrown over your shoulder.

Remember, there are people who might have come from some distance to see you. So be a good example. The weight game is hard enough to get across to people without muscle-heads in tight T-shirts ad levis giving it a bad name. Be friendly and cooperate if you are asked questions or to do something.

Your dress and appearance in posing trunks is equally important as your appearance in street clothes, so be at your best. Choose a pair of trunks that look the best on you and don’t base your decision on color alone.

Make sure that your trunks have a good thigh cut with a full radius. Some trunks look good until they are worn. Then the leg cut is straight across instead of having a radius. Trunks with this straight thigh cut tend to give the legs the shape of an ice-cream cone.

Trunk with the proper thigh cut will give the thighs a fuller sweep in appearance. If you are long-waisted choose a pair of trunks that come up high enough to off set this.

If you are short-waisted and very muscular in the mid-section, especially the lower abdominal region, choose trunks that are cut lower in the front. The way your trunks fit in the rear is also very important. Make sure your trunks fully cover the lower buttocks area. This seems to be a common problem with physique contestants.

The color of the trunks you choose can also help you in a physique contest. If you have exceptionally wide hips avoid wearing light colors.

Light colors, especially white, will accentuate your wide hips.

Also try choosing a color that agrees with your particular color of tan, complexion and hair. Be sure that you are cleanly shaven of body hair on your legs and chest as well as your face. This should be done the week before a contest so you will tan more evenly.

If you feel better when you pump up for pre-judging then of course it will be to your advantage to do some. However, I would limit this as I have found that too much of a pump will make it hard to strike good poses.. It is also harder to go from one pose to another gracefully when fully pumped.

If you spend too much time pumping up you will be soaking wet with sweat. This sweaty appearance adds no beauty to a physique. Be sure you are ready for a contest by having a good tan.

A good tan makes you look much better. It makes you look healthier, gives you a more muscular look, and it also improves your general appearance and complexion. Be sure you have an even tan, by not forgetting to tan on the underneath side of your arms.

Do your sunning in posing trunks, not in the boxer type trunks. Try to get a little sun everyday a few weeks before a contest. IF you wait until the last few days before a contest you will have that red lobster look. Also it may rain and you’ll have no color at all.

When you are posing at prejudging do your best as this is where most of the decisions are made by the judges. Don’t pose in shower shoes or stand there chewing gum.

And don’t wear watches, metals, etc. I know one man who always has his comb sticking out the top of his trunks. This is in poor taste and very distracting. (I guess he doesn’t want to forget to comb his hair.) These little things irritate the judging panel. So remember them for your next contest.

If you arrive at the contest location a day or so early be sure to get plenty of rest. Don’t walk all over town and tire yourself.

You shouldn’t starve yourself the day before and the day of the contest. Energy is important for posing, especially for the lengthy pre-judging posing. Without nourishment you won’t look your best or display a good posing routine.

However, don’t over stuff yourself as a bloated feeling will also affect your posing ability.

Posing Routine
Plan your posing routine early and practice it daily after each workout. Don’t wait until the day of the contest to try to get a routine together.

Don’t copy someone else’s poses or routine. Everyone’s physique is different and will not look the same just because they are doing identical poses. Choose poses that display your physique to its advantage.

Your attitude is most important as to whether or not you receive a title of national caliber. I have always looked forward to a big contest because I enjoy seeing and talking to the contestants. We always get together and have a good time discussing bodybuilding.

Of course there are some who consider physique competition like a war. The act as though the other contestants are enemies. They are the last contestants to show up and the first to leave, usually saying little to anyone. Also, they outwardly show great displeasure at the outcome of the contest.

If you aren’t pleased with where you place, don’t show it by your attitude.

Remember, the next contest you enter might have the same judges and they will not forget your past actions. Analyze the weak points in your physique and train harder for your next competition.”

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