Doug Hepburn Training Routine

Douglas Ivan Hepburn (1926 – November 22, 2000) was a Canadian strongman and weightlifter. During the 1950s he was publicly known as the “world’s strongest man”.

Here’s the routine that Doug Hepburn used prior to the B.E. Games was this:

Lower Body

650lb all one single rep

700lb for 5 singles (5min rest between heavy poundages)

First high pull singles: 350lb, 400lb, 440lb, 475lb, 500lb,
5 Singles: 520lb (rest: 3-5 minutes)

After pulling 440lb he used straps or as the called “metal hand grips” something the same as used by Paul Anderson these enabled him to concentrate on the pulling without tiring hands.

He was pulling 520lb about 4 or 5 inches above the waist. According to Doug Hepburn these high pulls are also a great chest and shoulder developer..

After pulling 520lb he would continue on deadlifts (not high pulls).
He worked up to singles with 700lb. 

Important note:
Doug never combined upper body movements (pressing) with this routine. Upper body and lower body should never be worked at the same time when training for maximum strength. He did not use to train very strict. He may used to rest one day or two days

Upper Body

Bench press (dead stop, wide grip)
380lb 1 single 
400lb 5 single 
430lb 5 single 
460lb 5 single
480lb 5 single 

Standing Press From Rack

350lb 1 rep
370lb 5 reps
380lb 5 singles

Note: This is the routine Doug used to train for 430lb standing press.

Doug’s best lift at this time (1956)
Squat: 740lb
Bench: 502lb (3 seconds pause)
Olympic press off stands: 430lb 4 reps
Two Arm Curl: 245lb
Deadlift: 750lb
One Arm Press 195lb
Jerk from shoulders 600lb
Side press 250lb

Height: 5ft 9 1/2inch
Weight: 280lb
Neck 19 1/2 inches
Chest 58 inches
Waist 47 inches
Hips 48 inches
Thigh 32 1/2 inch
Arm 21 1/2 inches
Forearm 16 inches
Wrist 9 inches

Reg Park Journal – December 1956

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