Eric Coppin: Legends Will Never Die

Eric Coppin was the best belgium lifter. In the IPF World Championship 1987 he was able to squat 360kg (792lbs) to bench press 207,5kg (456,5lbs) and to deadlift 373,5kg (823,4lbs) at a bodyweight of 83kg (182,6lbs). His feat of strength is as big as Ed Coan.
At the age of 27 Eric was very young. He was definitily not in his prime time and had ten years left to go.
If he did not stop lifting, he would probably deadlift 400kg/881lb one day

But things turned out very differently. One Day the world chammpion powerlifter Eric Coppin was arested in Oslar, Norway. Custom Officer found 28,000 Soviet-made steroids on the back seat of his car. He had to take a lot of hits. Furthermore he had bad luck in his live again and again and ended up in suicide.

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