Frank Columberra Mr. Australia Training

Frank has won every major contest in Australia including 1966 Mr. Australia and Mr. Southern Hemisphere 1968. Height 5’6″.

Columberra is a native of Western Australia and has been training for 11 years. Bodybuilding has always been an important part of Frank’s life, and he is not interested in power lifting.

He was an excellent footballer and all round athlete. Frank had always included a lot of running in his programm. He used to run about three miles every morning and occasionally increases this to five miles.

Frank did not smoke or drink, and always trained for 2 1/4 hours 6 days a week on a split routine. Heavy weights are used as much as possible, plus maximum effort at all times. Frank trained fairly fast, he always had time to help a fellow training partner or to sport a heavy lift.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sets Reps
Situps (incline) 4 30
Leg Raise 4 25
Bench Press 6 8
Incline Press 6 8
Flys 6 8
Power Cleans 6 6
Military Press 6 8
Seated Lateral Raise 6 8
Full Squat 6 8
Hack Squat 4 8
Calf Machine 8 15
Calves on Hack Machine 4 15


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Sets Reps
Situps 4 30
Frog Kicks 4 20
Press Behind Neck 6 8
Upright Rowing 6 8
Bent Over Lateral Raise  4 8
Prone Tricep Extension 6 8
Lat Pushdowns 6 8
Dips 6 15
Good Mornings 4 10
Bent Over DB Rowing 6 8
Chins or Lat Pulldown 6 10
Cheat Curls 6 6
Incline DB curls 6 8
Scott Bench DB Curls 6 8
Donkey Raise 5 20

Note: On Saturday afternoons Frank used to need little warmup at the health centre as he trained straight after his beach run. His workout is concluded with a swim in the magnificent heated pool.

He kept carbohydrates to a minimum. He used to eat plenty of fresh fruit. Most of his meals were basically protein, such as steack, chicken, eggs, fish and cheese, with plenty of salads.

Frank’s measurements
Arms 18″ 45cm
Calves 17 1/2″ 44.5cm
Waist 29 1/2″ 75cm
Chest 49″ 124cm
Height 5’6″ 152cm
Weight 183lb 83kg





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