Frank Richards Mr. Britain Training Routine

Frank is one of the greatest british bodybuilders. He won the Mr. Britain title in 1969 and has given exhibition in Germany and in America. He has a fine personality and spends a lot of time helping others and answering their questions.

In 1965 Frank entered his first show which was a small local event where he placed an impressive third. As the years rolled by, Frank began to make quite a name for himself on the British Bodybuilding scene. He competed in many local and national contests, always leaving the people with the idea that this man would someday go all the way to the top.

In 1969 Frank won the “Mr. Britain” title, defeating none other than “Albert Beckles.” In 1970 Frank deafeated both Franco Columbo and Chris Dickerson, two future Mr. Olympia.

In 1974 he was training hard for the Mr Universe. But a tragedy occured. It was a typical day at work where his job was to work on overhead power cables. He was high overhead fixing a faulty line when a loose wire fell and struck him, causing Frank to be knocked 25 feet to the ground.

Frank landed on a steel rail, causing his left foot to be almost cut off. His left hand was shattered and his lungs were punctured by broken ribs.

Frank’s bodybuilding career was a thing of the past and he spent six months in the hospital.
His accident may have prevented him from competing but he never left his favorite sport.

Frank made a comebock. On June 15, 1985 (Night of Champions – IFBB) Frank Richards stood on stage after 15 years away from competition and was one of the men to beat. He finished 5th place.

Frank was a top rugby player and this probably gave him a good start, especially in the calves, which are huge. His big arms and wide shoulders round out a great physique.

His workout routine is based on good, solid exercises and very hard work with moderate to heavy poundages. He uses a split system where he works two bodyparts a day for three days in a row and then takes one day off.

Day 1 Legs Sets Reps
Thigh extensions 4 8
Squat 4 8
Leg Press 4 8
Hack squats 4 8
Thigh curls 4 8
Pushdowns 4 8
Lying E-Z bar extensions 4 8
Single dumbbell extensions 4 8
Seated triceps press with cable 4 8

Note: He will then finish off his workout with calves and neck work. Calves are worked for 15 sets of donkey raises and seated calf raises.

Day 2 Chest Sets Reps
Incline dumbbell press 4 8
Parallel bar dips 4 8
Incline dumbbell flyes 4 8
Pullovers across bench 4 12
Standing barbell curl 4 8
Incline dumbbell curls 4 8
Preacher bench curls 4 8
Reverse barbell curl 4 8
Day 3 Shoulders Sets Reps
Bent over cross cable laterals 6 10
Seated dumbbell laterals 4 8
Press behind neck on Smith machine 4 8
Seated dumbbell press 3 8
Upright rowing 4 8
Pulldowns behind neck 4 8
Bentover barbell rowing 3 8
Dumbbell rowing 3 8
Long pulley rowing 3 8
Close grip cable rowing 3 8

Note: Frank likes to use as heavy a weight as possible in strict style. Even cutting up for a contest, he continues to keep the poundages high forcing every muscle fibre to work at peak efficency.

An average mid-season diet for Frank was as followed
2 1/2 dozen eggs a day
3 to 4 pounds of meat per day
1/2 pound of fish
1/2 pound of chicken
several slices of whole wheat bread
plents of fresh fruit and vegetables

Frank will divide the above foods into five good meals a day. He makes sure that everything is balanced with plenty of protein at each meal.

In the month leading up to the Universe (1970) the diet becomes very strict, and massive amounts of vitamins and supplements are consumed. Main supplements are B Complex and dessicated Liver, B12, Vit E and D and over 4000 mgs a day of Vit C.

Protein in powder varies from 250 to 300 gms a day and also liquid amino acids which Frank feels has been the greatest advance in nutrition for bodybuilders.

Height 6′, weight 213lb; chest 50 normal, arms 20, waist 33; thighs 26 1/2 and calves 18

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