George Hechter Training Routine

George Hechter born on august 14, 1961. He was better known for his incredible weight loss and his style of lifting.
George used to bite on a pad of tissues as he deadlifted (see above pic).

George Hechter Training Routine

George Hechter training

He squatted 3 times a week. Before competition he will squat 2 times a week.

Weight: Saturday is light day. If he was able to squat 700lb for 10 reps on thursday then he will squat 560lb for 15 reps on sunday.

Friday very light day: He did (50%) sets of pause squats. Worked up to 300-400 lb for sets of 10 reps.

At about 10 weeks he dropped the pause squat day. 

George never liked lowe repetition training. High repetitions worked fine with him.

He used to eat three meals a day

Breakfast: Carbohydrates – whole grains, bread, cereal and pasts.
Protein – eggs, skim milk, cottage cheese

Lunch: Carbohydrates – whole grains
Protein – skinned chicken, tuna, eggs, lean beef

Dinner: Carbohydrates – none.
Protein – fish , skinned chicken

Rules: No fats, sugars or salts. On training days, no carbohydrates after 3 p.m.

On non-training days, no carbohydrates after 12 p.m.

Any snacks are comprised of fresh fruit.

George Hechter was coached by Bill Star. Use the below tag-system and click “Bill Starr” then you will see some training routines.

George Hechter has got instagram: @ghechter

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