George Hechter’s incredible weight loss

George Hechter born on august 14, 1961. He was better known for his incredible weight loss and his style of lifting.
George used to bite on a pad of tissues as he deadlifted (see above pic). In the past he bit down on some gum the wrong way and injured himself. According to George the pain was incredible and shooted through his face. Thus his doctor recommended to bite on some pad of tissue. George cites his advice worked great and helped him lifting weights off the floor.

George Hechter started wrestling as a 10th grader at North Harford High School and he wanted to gain some weight and strength. He wrestled heavyweight at 175 pounds, the lightest allowed. When Strength Coach Bill Starr asked him if he wanted to start powerlifting, he said yes with the goal gettting stronger not competing. Bill showed him the three lifts and started to work closely with him.

“Being strong always appealed to me, I can remember looking at all the advertisements in the back of the comic books that offered material to make you stronger. Even at age four and five, he had a magnetism to guys who were strong. I knew that’s what I wanted to be.”

“When I was 12, my mom bought me a set of 110 pound barbells. I used them every day. I bought lifting magazines and ordered courses out of them. I learned gradually, lifting on my own. When I was 16, I joined a gym in Bel Air, MD, and that’s where I met Bill Starr, who got mne started in powerlifting.”

His first competition meet was as a guest lifter in a qualifier for the Teenage Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas, in April 1979. In that first meet, he squatted 402 pounds, benched 341lb. He was 16 and weighed 223lb.

Since then, his stock as a powerlifter has steadily rise. It has taken dramatic jump since 1984.

George’s transformation

George Hechter Transformation

All of George’s formative years and his entire adult life was spent weighing over 300lb. He was drinking three gallons of whole milk seven days a week.
Although he did not accomplish all the goals he had established for himself as a super heavyweight, he felt a need for a change in George Hechter, the person. Thus he reduced his bodyweight. He lost 126lb/57kg in nine months.

His measurements at weight of 366 pounds/166kg: 24inch neck, 64 inch chest, 37 1/2 inch thigh and a 24 inch arm. George’s toplifts were 975 lb in the Squat, 584 pounds in the bench press and an 821lb deadlift. In the gym he has squatted 1000lb, benched 600lb and deadlifted 845lb

Best lifts at his reduced bodyweight: 500lb bench and an 800lb deadlift

His coach Bill Starr
He made a big improvement from 1980 to 1981 because he was starting to learn more about proper training. He also benefited fromn the lifting experience he had gained. Another factor was the advice and instruction he received from Bill Starr.

1982 National YMCA championship
Hechter shattered the 2000 pound barrier in 1982 when he won the National YMCA championship in Columbus, Ohio, with a total of 2090 pounds. He turned in an 805 pound squat, 518 bench and a 777 deadlift. The YMCA meet was significant to Hechter for another reason as well. “I met Louie Simmons at the meet and he has helped me a lot since then. We’ve spent hours talking on the phone. He’s been a tremendous help with my technique.”

George Hechter Powerlifting Accomplishments

George’s life priorities changed. He become father and was more interested in schooling and working. Thus he quiet lifting heavy after 1987.

George has also an instagram account:

And his son Charlie Hechter lifts too. 2017 he deadlifted 500lb/226kg at the High School Nations and after one year he was able to deadlift 600lb/272kg at the Pennsylvania States. Hats off to Charlie and his father!


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