Great Gama Workout Secret Exposed!

The immortal Gama of India, the legendary wrestler from the land of the maharajas, who was never defeated in a career which spanned a quarter of a century and covered most of the world! In this article I will present Gama’s training secret and the indian wrestling philosophy – Have fun! – Mr. Berg

Great Gama Workout Philosophy
The name of great Gama became synonymous with Milo, Atlas, Hercules, and Ajax. Wrestling in the cool of the morning, training through the forenoon, then a siesta and more wrestling in the cool of the evening. This was the training philosophy in India! Eat, drink, sleep and wrestling.

Al Baffert was a International wrestling star. He knew and met the Great Gama. The following training philosophy is based on Mr. Baffert’s memory.

According to Baffert the great Gama used to squat 2,000 times daily with the age of 75. And all oldschool Indian wrestlers performed between 5,000 and 6,000 free squats every day. They retire at sunset and wake up at sunrise; are vegetarians, never smoke nor drink, and practically live a life of self denial and restrictions, all for the sake of wrestling.

It is obvious that squatting and squatting and more squatting is responsible for the thigh bulk, the endurance and the lung power, all which make the East Indian wrestlers the best in the world in their style.

It takes them, however, from four to five hours to complete all those thousands of daily squats. They do them in sets of fifty or one hundred and use no weights – just free erect squats with determined speed.

At first thought, one might entertain a belief that too much squatting would have a tendency to tear down muscle tissue faster than it could be replenished, but proof is to the contrary when considering the results obtained by the Indian wrestlers, your eyes surely must have focused twice upon their thick rounded thighs, some of which have been shaped to enormous proportions.

There have been some fellows in California who have adopted this Indian style of thigh training. Henry Lenz, who used to be an ordinarily built fellow until weight training improved him sufficiently so that he could enter physique contests.

Henry’s thigh were never huge. They were what might be termed ordinary, though not small. So, Henry decided to try the Indian multi-squat thigh training without resistance of any kind. Gradually he increased his sets of fifty until he was performing 1,000 free squats every day. The result was that his thighs became very large, reaching 26 or more inches around. But Henry’s thighs did not take on that barbell look such as is formed from squats done under a heavy weight.

In other words, Lenz’s thighs became huge and had large sweeping curves! It proves that a lot of squats must be done if anyone expects to obtain thick well shaped thighs, and, of course greater lung power. The chest-box enlarges, you know, from squatting, as all leg work plays upon the respiratory system.

That’s the secret just bunch of squats and hard work. So, if you wish to try those Indian squats and gradually work up to five to six thousand a day, such is your privilege!

You must have a lot of time on your hands. But of course you could maybe produce much better results with heavy barbell squats. On my website I have got around 200 training articles with dumbbells and barbells just pick one of them and keep lifting and breathing.


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