Hafthor Bjornsson Will He Break Powerlifting Records?

In december Thor is going to compete in Powerlifting! He wants to show everyone that he can not only show his performance in Strongman, but also in all sports like Power Lifting. Power Lifting consists of 3 exercises: Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift 

Professional strongmen like Eddie Hall, Žydrūnas Savickas and Brian Shaw started with powerlifting. Many stopped and went over to the strongman. The sport Strongman is much more popular and even suitable for television. People can imagine how hard it is to pull a truck. Accordingly the audience is bigger than in Power Lifting. And so the possibilities to earn a lot of money in the Strongman are better. Many of the above mentioned strongmen have the potential to break the records in power lifting. Eddie Hall could break Kirill Sarychev’s benchpress record of 335 kg(738.5lbs). Will he do it too? Rather not, since it doesn’t earn him any money.

Long ago, Hafthor Bjornsson was asked if he want to break any powerlifting records and he wrote: “Only if you pay me enough”. Now he is going to held his own Power Lifting meet (Thor’s Powerlifting Challenge ). He will probably break a few Power Lifting Records. 

My forecast:
Squat: 450kg/992lb
Benchpress: 280kg/617lb
Deadlift 465kg/1025lb; total 1195kg/2643lb

I definitely think he has a lot to offer. Hafthor regularly uploads training videos and all his lifts are technically clean. He never crosses the grind line as Pete Rubish and other elite powerlifters used to do it. It never seems to have demanded much from him to press 200kg on the flat and incline bench. Thus I think he will bench press around 280kg. If Hafthor grinds properly then he will break some records in power lifting!

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Could Hafthor break Powerlifting Records?

andrey malanichev protein and beer

Andrey Malanichev (Birth date january 10, 1977) is a russian bear with great passion for power lifting. He holds the total record with 1140kg/2513lb.
Deadlift: 400kg/881lb, Bench: 255kg/562lb, Squat: 485kg/1069lb. If my predictions are correct, then Andrey’s total record will be broken by Thor.

{“preview_thumbnail”:”/sites/default/files/styles/video_embed_wysiwyg_preview/public/video_thumbnails/qkuiKO3UDII.jpg?itok=5IMgDlxV”,”video_url”:”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkuiKO3UDII&t=2s”,”settings”:{“responsive”:1,”width”:”854″,”height”:”480″,”autoplay”:0},”settings_summary”:[“Embedded Video (Responsive).”]}

Benedikt Magnusson Raw Deadlift Record SHW

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Benedikt Magnusson (Birth date: 1968) from Iceland currently holds the world record of 1015lb (460kg) for a raw deadlift. Probably Hafthor will break Benedikt’s record. 
Benedikt has deadlifted the 460kg without straps and suit. To hold 460kg with your hands you need a good grip!

Hafthor is the World’s Strongest Man and can crush a human skull with his bare hands. It won’t fail because of its grip. The Power Lifting meet will be held on December 15th. We can be excited about what Thor will be able to lift.



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