Home Band Workout Oldschool (Full Body)

Are you young and broken and do not have access to any gym equipment? Are you a businessman without much time? That’s not a problem and shall not be an excuse to skip the experience of building muscle and fitness! You can substitute weights with bands or resistance work!

Even bodybuilding stars and Mr. Universe Winners ‘John Grimek’, ‘Reg Park’ and Mr. America ‘Chuck Sipes’ trained with bands, strand or chest expander to keep their fitness or strengthen the tedons and ligaments!

The following Isometric Workout was developed by Dr. Richard Berger. Have fun! – Mr.Berg

Exercise 1. Biceps

band workout biceps

In standing position flex arms to 90 degrees. Grasp one end of towel and secure the other end under the feet. Attempt to flex arms maintaining erect position.

Exercise 2. Triceps

band workout triceps

Stand erect and extend arms out to sides. Flex arms to 90 degrees and holding ends of towel attempt to extent arms

Exercise 3. Neck

band workout neck

Stand erect and place towel behind head while holding ends in front of body. Attempt to move head backwards while resisting movement by extending arms.

Exercise 4. Buttocks

band workout glutes

Lying in prone position raise legs as high as possible off floor while keeping knees straight.

Exercise 5. Hips

band workout hips

Standing sideways about 15 inches from wall raise leg to side. Reverse position.

Exercise 6. Calves

band workout abdomen abs

In sitting position with legs straight wrap towel around upper part of foot. Holding end of towel attempt to point toes.

Exercise 7 Upper leg (quadriceps)

Band Workout legs

In sitting position flex leg to 90 degrees. Wrap towel around ankle and hold ends of towel while attempting to extend leg.

Exercise 8 Hamstrings

band workout hamstrings

Stand with back about 12 inches away from wall. Attempt to flex knee.

Exercise 9. Abdomen

In lying position with knees flexed as much as possible attempt to perform a sit-up. This must be done slowly.

Exercise 10. Upper back (trapezius)

band workout shrugs

In erect position, hold one end of towel in hand and secure the other end under the feet. Keeping arms straight and towel taut, shrugs shoulders.

Exercise 11. Lower back

band workout back

Three towels are needed or a rope 9 feet long. In standing position flex trunk until parallel to ground. Wrap one towel around the back of the neck and grasp each end. Grasp the ends of the second and third towels which have the other ends placed under the feet. Attempt to raise the trunk.

Exercise 12. Chest

band workout chest

Holding hands in front of chest with arms extended, force hands together.

Exercise 13. Posterior deltoid

band workout delts

In bent over position with trunk parallel to ground and arms extended to sides parallel to ground, grasp ends of towel and secure other ends under feet and attempt to move arms upward.

Exercise 14. Medial deltoid

band workout delts

Standing erect with arms extended to sides grasp end of towel. With other end secured by feet attempt to raise arms.

Exercise 15. Anterior deltoid

band workout hamstrings

Standing erect with arms extended in front grasp ends of towel and secure other ends under feet. Attempt to raise arms upward, keeping arms straight.

In addition to isometric exercises which will primarily improve strength and endurance of the skeletal muscles, other activities should be performed which will strenghen the heart and circulatory system. Some of these activities may be running, swimming, tennis, handball, vigorous walking, or canoeing. One or more of these kinds of activities should be performed at least two or three times weekly.

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