Jim Haislop’s Training Philosophy

Since the beginning in comparison of one physique to another this question has been asked over and over again, “What is the secret to obtaining the ultimate physique development?” Everyone is searching for the one key that will put them on the inside track to faster gains. They all want to know what the leading bodybuilders do that they have not been doing. The young bodybuilder will ask over and over again the same questions in hopes that he will eventually discover the hidden secret to weight training. Even though he continues to receive identical answer for each question asked he is not satisfied and thinks there is a magic method to be revealed. He constantly is asking questions such as; “What do you do for your chest?”, “How about arm development?”, “Do you work abdominals everyday?”; and so so forth go the questions. The thought that exists in the minds of the beginning trainee is that each leading bodybuilder, known for exceptional development of a given muscle group, must know the prime secret to its development.

Various types of exercises do not entirely work the muscle low, high, inside or outside, but the angle at which an exercise is performed determines where it is worked. While the angle is the determining factor as to where an individual muscle is worked it is not the secret to its growth.

Magazines are constantly advertising new types of equipment that are supposed to put extra inches on specific muscle groups. They even have these items endorsed by the leading physique men who possess outstanding development in the area described by each advertisement.

If you are guilty of searching for that one secret that will give you the ultimate in physical development then this article is for you. Clear your mind of all fantasies such as supersetting and the usage of strange modern equipment which promises fast growth in only one-half hour a day. 

While there is not one secret to your ultimate development in the area of bodybuilding there are four combined secrets. When one of these is not practices daily then your development is slowed down. These four are diet, rest, exercise and peace of mind.


First of all, “What does your diet consist of?” If you are like most bodybuilders you probably think you have good eating habits. While you may be eating a lot of food, your protein content could be very low. It is not how much you consume, but how much bodybuilding material you take in that repairs muscle.

I have a friend who eats enormous amounts of food thinking his physique will be outstanding from gorging. If his intake consisted largely of protein he would be partly correct. For breakfast he will eat seven fried egg and force them down with six slices of toast. This, he does because he does not like the taste of fried eggs. He drinks four large glasses of whole milk with his eggs and toast. A simple adjustment in this breakfast would alter its value considerably. The eggs could be scrambled with yellow cheese, the toast should be eliminated and whole milk should be substituted with skim milk, thus reducing the majority of butter fat found in whole milk.

This is just an example of a faulty diet that is thought to be a good one. Remember, the way you look on the outside largely depends on the food that goes inside.

Protein is the only substance that repairs and build muscle. Therefore your intake should be at an all time high when you are engaged in sports, bodybuilding, or strenuous activity. Protein is the healing power for muscle torn down through exercise.

Your body has no use for such junk foods as pastries, soft drinks, French fries, and many more wasted foods on the continuing list of trash. Foods of this nature are no nutritional foods. Their protein content is of little value.

Bodybuilding is hard work. It’s like working three jobs in one day. With this in mind you should not waste your efforts by enjoying a poor diet. There are some people who will train real hard only to go home to a meal of hot dogs and soda-pop. All their training efforts are for nothing. This type of meal will not even repair muscle torn down during a work out, much less increase it’s size.

Many beginning bodybuilders have this poor diet and consequently lose weight rather than make gains. Naturally they become discouraged in some cases, stop their weight program all together. These are the types of people who will then state that weight training is no good. They base this statement on the fact that they tried it and made no progress, not knowing that their lack of gains was due to a poor diet rather than the training they employed.

Almost as important as the quality of your food intake is the time or spacing of meals. I feel that you should eat sic meals a day if at all possible. Three large meals and three smaller ones. My large meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner. The other three are at ten a.m., three p.m. and ten-thirty  p.m. The time between breakfast, lunch and dinner is too long a period without nourishment. My ten-th rty p.m. and breakfast meals are the most important because between  these two meals, my body goes approximately nine hours without food. During this time I grow and improve most, as this is my sleeping time.

Everyone says they can not always choose a meal with sufficient amounts of protein because they are at work and have to eat what the near-by-restaurant has to offer. In this case they would be wise to take their lunch. A can of tuna fish, two hard boiled eggs and some fruit would supply a sufficient amount of protein. 


Sleep is a must for muscular growth. Without sufficient sleep one cannot maintain a vigorous bodybuilding routine for long. Everyone does not require the same amount of sleep. You know that is about the right amount of sleeping hours for you and you should not trifle with your health by trying to get by with less. This only lowers your resistance and makes you more susceptible to colds, and many other illnesses. Another thing that is so often over-looked is the amount if sleep you need compared to the amount of hours you are with out sleep. IF you stay up until two or three o’clock in the morning, do not figure that eight hours is still enough  if eight hours sleep is what you have been used to getting, Eight hours might have been all right for sixteen hours awake but it is not enough for time exceeding sixteen hours. Your body is torn down much more and at a faster rate after sixteen hours without rest. Yu cannot make up for sleep lost. You must stick to regular sleeping habits for the best results in bodybuilding repair.


Without exercise increased muscular density cannot take place. Muscle growth and strength is increased only when muscle tissue is torn down through exercise. Not only does exercise promote growth, it also stimulates the nervous system, increases circulation and decreases constipation. While exercise is a must for a healthy and proportionally balanced physique, it can be over done. Many bodybuilders, beginners and advanced, will over-train and actually lose size. In this case the muscle tissue has not had time to heal before it is down again.

When you have set aside a regular training schedule, stick to it and don’t miss a workout. Remember a day missed is day behind. Just because you are not in the mood for training is no reason for skipping a work out. If you will go ahead and train, even though you don’t especially feel like it, you will improve rapidly and really have a great workout on the days you feel exceptionally good.


Your mental attitude plays a big part in your physical development. If something is keeping you from a happy and cheerful mind it will also affect your bodybuilding efforts. Your mind does not actually work your muscles but it does determined to what degree you will work them. With a tranquil mind your power to concentrate is much stronger. Therefore you should always enter a training session with your mind centred on the workout to follow. Completely concentrate on each body part trained and eliminate other thoughts that are not a part of you bodybuilding program. With out an open mind, free from thoughts opposed to your work out, it is very hard to concentrate on each individual movement while working a muscle group.

The gym is for training. It is not a place to gather with your friends for a discus about cars, movies and other tings. It will make your work out long. Perhaps you don’t particularly care the amount of progress. But you should consider other gym members by being courteous. Above all, avoid any sudden or lout outburst. This can cause some one to lose concentration and can result in an injury. 

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