Joe Rogan’s Interview with Ronnie Coleman

Great Interview between two legends. Here’s a short guideline about some crazy topics!

0:00 Before Bodybuilding
4:41 Nutrition, Diet, Carbs
5:30 Ronnie Coleman’s lowest bodyfat 0.33%
7:00 What did the judges think about Ronnie?
9:00 Ronnie Coleman’s Police Career
10:00 Ronnie Coleman’s Beginning & Dreams (Security for Mr. Olympia Event)
16:30 Ronnie about Powerlifting, High Reps, Heavy lifting, Benchpress
18:10 Surgeries, Back Injury History, Hip Replacement, Pain
32:30 Pic’s of spine, Ronnie’s scary surgery
41:20 Ronnie’s normal day, about sickness, Drinking Water
45:00 Supplements, Diet Plan, Chicken, Time-off
49:00 Some thoughts about Police Officer, Abuse, PDST, George Floyd

1:00:00 Payment, Passion, Police Tv-Show, Martial Arts
1:06:00 Ronnie’s Bodyfat as a Police Officer
1:08:40 Ronnie’s regret
1:12:00 Steroids, Drugs, Take-Off

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