Jouko Ahola is more man than YOU!

Jouko Ahola was born December 1, 1970. He was a tough Finnish former strongman. He won the “World’s Strongest Man” in 1997 and 1999. Furthermore he was able to beat big guys like Flemming Rasmussen, Magnus Samuelsson, Svend Karlsen and Magnús Ver Magnússon. .

Jouko’s mindset was unique during oldschool strongman era. He used to bleed heavy when working out and he didn’t care. Jouko Ahola is my favorite finnish strongman. He is small in size and height (185cm) but was still able to beat big guys.

In his primetime he was able to benchpress 220kg/485lb and to squat 360kg/793lb. He does not concerned about squats. His favorite and most important exercise is DEADLIFT.

His most famous quote: “Conventional Deadlift Men’s Style“.

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In 1995 he deadlifted 387.5kg/850lb (official meet). In the gym he deadlifted 402.5kg/887lb. Jouko’s bodyweight was around 120kg/264lb.

Jouko’s grandfather

In the above picture you can see his grandfather. His name was Veikko Marttinen ( b 1916 d 1990 ). He had also been known from his powers.
He was a farmer and he is still remembered from his some feats of strength. This photograph has been taken just before the Second World War.

After 1999 Jouko Ahola announced that he has retired from active competition. Flemming Rasmusen, who took second to Jouko in the 1997 WSM, said: “I think it’s a shame Jouko is stopping. He is no doubt one of the best ever.”

Jouko did not compete in 2000, he was only focused and concerned about his career as a actor and constructor. This finnish man worked hard! He influenced in finish and american movies: Kingdom of Heaven (2005), Vikings (2013), Invincible (2001).

Athletes and fans comment on Jouko’s retirement:
“I think he will be remembered for showing all off us that you don’t have to be a very big man to win WSM. When he won WSM, his weight was only 116kg/255lb. It’s no doubt that he was so good because of his mind. He hates to lose. He was pissed if he didn’t win. That made him so good.” -Flemming Rasmussen

Today Jouko is 48 years old andf still lifting huge weights. On instagram he deadlifted around 300kg/661lb!

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