Kozo Sudo Workout Routine

As a weak child, underweight teenager, Sudo admired those around him with robust physiques. He began training with weights and, with the aid of bodybuilding publications, familiarized himself with different techniques and systems. Eventually, he grew to 5’9″, tall for a Japanese, and pushed himself up to 176lb. in bodyweight. In 1974, Kozo was selected as the Japan Bodybuilding Association Mr. Japan, a title he won again in 1976.

Mr. Universe

Dale Adrian, Kozo Sudo and Bertlix Fox. Photo by George Greenwood

Back in those days, the bodybuilding business in Japan was booming. There were over 300 gyms and training facilities scattered acroos the country, and each year saw come 50 staged. Both Japanese and foreign physqiue journals were readily available. Sudo may have been completley unknown when he first journeyed to London, but he himself had a fair deal of the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents after perusing the magazines.

Then came the London and Mr. Universe appearances, which he calls “a dream come true.”
1975 and 1976 Mr. Sudo managed to compete against men like Bertil Fox and he finished first at NABBA Mr. Universe!

Unsurprisingly, Kozo rates Steve Reeves and Frank Zane  the once and present kings of proportion – as his favorite American bodybuilders.

The following routine was followed from July 1 to August 15, 1975 while Kozo prepared for the Mr. Universe selection competition in Japan.

Note: Kozo rests for only one minute between sets. Abdominals are worked each session.

Morning Sets Reps Weight
Slow Barbell Curls 6 10-3 88-121lb
Seated Dumbbell Curls 6 10-3 38-55lb
Narrow Grip Chins 5 10-3 0-55lb
Concentration Curls 5 10-5 33-48lb
Behind the Neck Press 6 10-3 121-154lb
Alternate Front and
Behind the Neck Press 6 10-3 121-154lb
Seated Dumbbell Press 5 10-3 60-82lb
Lateral Raises 5 10-5 33-44lb
Bentover Lateral Raises 5 10-5 132-176lb
Wide Grip Chins 6 10-3 22-77lb
Lat Machine Pulldowns 6 10-3 132-176lb
Narrow Grip Chins 5 10-3 0-55lb
Bentover Rows 5 10-5 154-220lb
One-Arm Bentover Rows 5 12-6 93-132lb
Stiff-legged deadlift 5 12-3 220-374lb
Shoulder Shrugs 5 12-5 330-418lb
Dumbbell Shrugs 5 15-10 99-132lb
Morning Sets Reps Weight
Lat Machine Pressdown 6 10-3 121-154lb
Seated French Press 6 10-3 121-143lb
Tricep Extensions 5 10-3 110-154lb
Seated One Hand French Press 5 12-6 49lb-60lb
Bench Press 6 10-3 176lb-264lb
Incline Dummbbell Press 6 10-3 70-99lb
Straight Arm Pullovers 5 12-6 110-143lb
Flyes 5 12-8 49-60lb
Front Squats 4 12-3 220-308lb
Leg Extensions 4 20-10 110-176lb
Leg Curls 4 15-8 88lb-10lb
Calf Raises on Leg Machine 8 25-12 220-396lb
One Legged Calf Raise 6 25-12 22-66lb

Note: Kozo preferred many hours of hard work. He trained at the Yokkaichi training center; he changed his routine practically every month, but is sure to work each muscle group two or three times a week for 20 sets.


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