“There’s only one word that can best describe our next bodybuilder. And that word is FREAK. You KNOW him. You LOVE him. You can’t have this show without him. All the way from Germany…Clear the decks for MARKUS RUUUUUUUUL!” Quoted one of most watched motivation-video from “Nicandro Motivation” entitled MONSTER.

Germany and the The United States of America just loves him! Markus Ruhl has a cult stutus in the World of Bodybuilding. The famous WWE Wrestler John Cena with 14 MILLION followers on Instagram knows who Markus Ruhl is.

John Cena said in a short video clip: “Here’s John Cena next with the most giant freakish man I’ve ever seen! That’s Markus Ruhl! You can see him cause he’s wider than a house” [1]

Rich Piana aka. The Synthol-Monster with over one-million fans on Youtube and Instagram  once said about Markus: ”Germany… I love you!. That man represent Germany. THE BEAST!”[2]

I know Bodybuilding-history and there are German stars like Jusup Wilkosz, Hubert Metz and Dennis Wolf. But to be honest Markus is the THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON

Do you want to be big and famous as Markus Ruhl? So then stay tuned, we analyzed Ruhl’s German-Youtube Content and translated it as accurate as possible! Nothing here is ghost written! It’s the pure truth because it comes from Markus’ mouth.

Markus Ruhl’s German Content

markus ruhl youtube
Markus Rühl Youtube account

His Youtube channel entitled “MarkusRuhl” has over 200.000 subscribers and he uploaded over 150 Videos. He uploaded tons of muscle content: Diet, Scandal in Bodybuilding, Protein-Mass Shake, Workout Videos with advices and Bodybuilding-History. But what’s the reason he’s only speaking German?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s goal was to live the American Dream: become famous and making money. He achieved all his dreams and is thankful to the USA. He is really proud being an American Citizen and to find any content on him speaking German it’s hard. Even on Austrian/German Events and TV Shows he is just speaking English.

Markus is the opposite: Never wanted to be rich neither an entrepreneur. Eating, lifting weights and sleeping. He lived the bodybuilding lifestyle 24/7.

While hitting the weights off the floor he is enjoying  to hear German Metal Bands. He is proud of being a German and just love speaking German. And that’s reason his whole Youtube content is in German.

How It all Started [6] [5]

markus ruhl young
“Oh, man. This is how I used to look. That was in 1993 after 2 years of training. Awesome great time. Even at that young age Bodybuilding was everything for me.” source: Translated from Markus’ instagram

At first he started playing soccer and was later injured, so he went to the gym to train. According to him in the year 1990 he was skinny and after two years of training he was an animal!

Markus Ruhl: “I was getting bigger and stronger and then the Gym-Owner dropped me out of his gym. It was a ‘Wellness/Fitness Gym’, No Hard Core BB are allowed.

The gym owner asked me about steroids and I answered ‘I don’t know what steroids are’ “

In 1995 Markus had his first competition at the age of 23 (BW 110kg), then he competed at the German Championships! Markus: “If I lost this championships, then I would stop competing” 

Back in the day,  bodybuilding was more hardcore! Today it’s more about beauty said Markus.

“The more women find me disgusting, the better Bodybuilder I am. It was always a compliment for me when women in the gym saw me and said  ‘that’s just ugly’.” 

Markus transformation is just unbelievable. He told that his stats was as follows: arm size 26cm/ at the bodyweight of 63kg, after hard training he obtained an arm size of 59cm. His legs were 46cm and it went to over 80cm.

Best squat was 335kg with two repetitions. He tried a final one repetitions, but lost the balance. After that he had to go to an another gym, because he destroyed the whole leg-training corner.

How to become Pro Bodybuilder [5]

Markus Ruhl: “1997 I got my Pro License (Card), so how I got it? Somebody from the German IFBB Pro Division saw some pictures of me on the Internet and thought : “I want that guy’.”

We had a conversation on the Telephone, but I didn’t really understand him. He was speaking English and I was speaking German, so I told him to send me a FAX (letter).

“Later I got it and translated it, then I realized I’ll get the Pro-Card. After receiving it I was in New York on stage (1998) competing against Ronnie Roleman, who won the competition.“

Markus Ruehl: “Just imagine, I was just a little boy, who won the title ‘German Championships’. I am just from a little german city named Darmstad and then I am standing on the stage in NEW YORK with people who I only saw in Bodybuilding-Magazines.

I remember standing on stage with legends like Ronnie Coleman, Nasser el Sonbaty, Mike Matarazzo, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone and then in the centre the little newcomer Ruhl”

Markus Ruhl vs. Ronnie Coleman [5]

All Markus’ older Youtube-Videos starts with a short clip with Ronnie and Markus. They are standing and competing close together. So it seems Markus appreciates him. Back in the day Markus used to come over to Coleman’s property, further in one of his german seminars he shared his training-experiences. 


He said: “Ronnie is extremely strong. I managed to cable row (machine) 280Kg and I remember Coleman starts warming up with 200 kilo. He had always three guys around him. The one is loading his weights up, the other is spotting him and the third one is always shouting him.

Ronnie loaded up to 370kg and I thought I can manage those kind of weights too. But then I injured my back and it starts hurting. One week I was lying on the bed and made the decision to stop training with RONNIE.

He is just hardcore and hats off to his performances.

But that’s a little bit sad that today he is unable to lift heavy.”

Night of the Championships 2002

Famous Youtuber Nick’s Strength and Power with over 900.000 bodybuilding subscribers made a short analysis about the German Mass Monster! It seems America really loves Markus Ruhl, because In the comment section you’d see people writing as follows:

“Some of the best biceps the bodybuilding world has ever seen”, “It is unfu**ing believable that he was never crowned the Mr.Olympia it is a goddamn shame. ” and “Standing next to Coleman, wasn’t bad and I’m not sure why he didn’t beat him then. Dude looked unreal “

Nick analyzed Markus as follows: “His best shape ever was 2002 Night of Champions, which he won.

He could win the Mr. Olympia. He has one of the most impressive physiques to never won the Mr. Olympia. He was the definition of MASS MONSTER.”

Markus Ruhl vs. Jay Cutler (2003 Arnold Classic Controversy) [5]

Markus pay respect to Cutler and for his honourable behaviour at the Arnold Classic 2003.

Markus: “2003 Arnold Classic I placed third, in my opinion I should place first. I think the reason is that Jay Cutler was the ‘American Sunny Boy’ , but then backstage he said to me ‘Markus you deserved the trophy’ and he really handed me his trophy. It was unofficial… just allowed under athletes.

 I appreciate Jay Cutler’s character. The only thing he didn’t gave me was his prize money“ [5]

Markus Ruhl’s Comeback New York Pro 2009

Markus Ruhl stopped bodybuilding 2007 and made a comeback in 2009.
In Germany there’s a popular Video about fairness in Bodybuilding by Ruhl!

 In the Youtube-Video above with over one millions views Markus is talking about fairness in Bodybuilding.

Markus actually never wanted to talk about it, but he did it. New York Pro 2009 was basically the comeback from Markus, the favourites were Evan Centopani, Dennis James and Markus.

In prejudging (it’s always early in the morning) Markus placed first. In the above Youtube-Video just go to the timestamp 02:03, then you’d see the score sheet. Markus’ camera-man stood behind the judges and snapped the pic. You’d see Markus placed first and Evan Centopani second!

Now it was afternoon and suddenly Markus placed third.

Markus Ruhl said: “That’s not possible. That does not work! Early in the morning is the main-event and the bodybuilder who placed first will be placed first in the evening too.”

So I was there at the stage in the evening and Evan Centopani just disappeared and I thought wtf is happening here? Dennis James looked at me and told ‘Now Markus you will experience a big surprise'”

Now we are going to the stage making the final-posing. We played the music “New York New York” and the crowd went wild!

The judges are preparing for publishing the results. Dennis James looked at me again and said ‘Man, you will get a big surprise’. Denis had the feeling something isn’t right”

Markus got the third place. He said that he felt betrayed and Bodybuilding is all about politic. Dennis James placed second and he said to him: “Markus, you know who actually won this competition: either you or me”

Furthermore Markus Ruhl said something about Centopani. but the audio was censored.

Markus Ruhl: “I am standing on the stage as a ‘Dummy’. It would be great to win this competition..Placing first means: Sponsorships and money…Everyone thinks Bodybuilding is a dream job, but that’s not always.“

2010-2015: Markus Ruhl’s Death Rumours

What happened to Markus Ruhl? His last competition was in Dallas, Texas 2010. He placed 7th and decided to stop competing.

Ruhl’s seminar in Hanau, Germany held in the year 2016, is just quite interesting and packed with a lot muscle content!

After retiring from Bodybuilding in 2010, it was very quit around Markus Ruhl and people started telling rumours: “he must be dead”,  “he had a heart attack” and “he’s now in hospital”.

Markus said: “I was busy and had to travel around the world: China, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina and Indonesia. It was a world-wide promotion for my Sponsor “Ultimate Nutrition”.

In Arabia I made my worst experience.  So I was there and the sports minister welcomed me. Nearby to me was a huge crowd of people. I would guess 6.000 and I asked somebody next to me ‘What are they waiting for?’

He answered: ‘Markus, they’re waiting for you!’

I thought he was just joking. It was a big Event with a live Tv Transmission and Military was there too.

There were only men, because I was posing with my ‘posing-trunk’ and that seems to be in some way too sexual. So women are not allowed to attend the Event.

I am standing here masked men around me and they have those long beard.

I thought they will beat the sh*t out of me….

So now I was there on the stage and the Military starts shooting in the air to calm down the crowd.

 I was so scared. I really thought I’ll die. This was the last time I visited Arabia.”

Markus Ruhl is living very dangerous and he told the people a near-death experience:

“Then I was in Jordanien, one week after I left the hotel, it was bombed. Then I was in Brazil sitting in my car and then the car before me got to be shot and robbed. The car driver died.”

Markus Ruhl Injury in 2015 [7]

2010 he stopped competing but started making Youtube-Videos and so Markus obtained cult-status in Germany through publishing content on social media. At the famous German-Fitness-Expo called FIBO Markus told about his injury. He has torn his quadriceps tendon in January, 2015.

“I injured myself during shoveling snow. I was just falling down and has torn something. The following 9 weeks was the worst in my life. A lot of pain, my knee was swollen and I was ont able to walk.”

„I am running through the FIBO and everybody is calling my name ‘MARKUS MARKUS’, and nobody is recognizing Johnnie Jackson. That’s not possible.

It’s really a shock for me, back in the day bodybuilders obtained fame through competing and showing performance. Now the only thing you have to do is uploading videos on social media and you are famous.

My Co-Worker at the Event are always yelling ‘Hey Markus, look at that guy he’s from Youtube!’, but I really don’t know what they are talking.

I saw Flex Wheeler and I was happy about it, for me he’s a SUPERSTAR. But he’s standing mostly alone..”

Markus Ruhl Unique Bench Press Technique


The above linked Youtube Video is about Markus reviewing his old DVD entitled “Markus Ruhl XXXL” (Year 2000). Back in the day it was a small success, it was sold around 1500 times!

In the middle of the video you’d find Markus training his chest. According to him he’s training today still the same way.


1. Incline Bench Press Smith Machine (sets 8-10)
2. Benching flat with Dumbbell (sets: 8-10)
3. Butterfly with Dumbbell (sets: 3-4)
4. Butterfly Cable (sets: 3-4)

“I never used to count sets and reps”

said Markus, but he did high reps and in the first two exercises around 8-10 sets and in the last two 3-4 sets.

Markus is using an extremely wide grip in the bench press and is not using the full range of motion. He said he’s feeling more the stretch in the chest.

Markus Ruhl told that he once tried using full range of motion and lowered the barbell to the chest also, but unfortunately he tore the chest.

It may seem silly and very unconventional using such a wide grip, but let me tell you one of the greatest oldtime benchpress-stars at his time: Doug Hepburn. He used this kind of technique too and set world records.

Markus Ruhl is using the same grip-width as weightlifting champion Doug Hepburn!

Mr. Hepburn used to benchpress (not incline) with an extremely wide grip with great success. Further he benched 580 pounds (263kg) with full range of motion. But those two giants are genetically gifted, so for normal humans, I would suggest to use a normal wide standard grip. In his peak Markus used to incline bench in smith machine (220kg 240kg)

By the way: wearing tank-tops and posing was not Ruhl’s favorite task in the DVD, but he had to do it due to the producers.

Markus: “I was more the introvert bodybuilder. Not showing much and wearing hoodies. I just didn’t want to have much attention.”

During the review of his own DVD Markus is smiling quite often about the fact that he had to pose on commando. After finishing each set, he had to pose.

Markus: “Man that was an effort…not the training….Posing was more an effort for me.”

Markus Ruhl Arm Workout

Markus uploaded a Youtube-Video entitled ‘Feel the Biceps and Triceps in Full Way’.It has over 500.000 Views and the comments are very positive “Markus is the real bodybuilder” & “Never seen somebody, who lived the bodybuilding lifestyle 100%”

Markus starts with a short introduction about protein:
“On Youtube I have seen a video, in which somebody is talking that after training you don’t need protein. That guy suggests to eat broccoli. That’s bullsh*t. Yes, I used to hear a lot BS, but those Natty-Youtube-Stars in Germany are just fake. My Grandma once told me ‘You ARE What You Eat’.

And then you eat only garbage then you’ll look like garbage. You can train like a mad man, 3 times a day and you will still look ****.

Eating Protein is important.

Eating 500-600gram Protein daily is just stupid, that’s something I would agree. – Markus Ruhl

I am getting quite often the question ‘How Heavy Should I Train?’

I would say lighter than a Powerlifter, but definitely heavier than those “Fake-Natty-Youtubers”

And further I got the question: Is the Pump a sign for growing: Actually not. There are two types of Bodybuilders. The one gets always a pump and there are specimen, who nearly die due to the pumped muscle. I belong to the secondary

Really, the pump is just crazy, after pumping my arm I am not able to reach my ears. Yes, I am basically training for a disorder, but I LIKE IT”


markus ruhl arm workout
Exercise: Preacher Bench Curl. Markus start utilizing the positive movement. Markus: “Lower after that slowly. Negative movement is important” Source: Youtube Video: “Bizeps + Trizeps richtig spüren”

He’s explaining that he likes to super set Biceps and Triceps. He said that’s the best method for the maximal pump. By the way I remember that Golden Era Legend ‘Dave Draper’ recommend super-sets too for getting big arms!

First Superset: Preacher Curl Machine superset with Lying-French-Press (Ez-Bar) [TIMESTAP: 07:46]

Markus: “Always one set biceps, then without wasting any time go to the next exercise (triceps). Search for exercises, which are standing close together. Don’t waste your training time for running through the whole gym”

After finishing one-superset you are allowed to rest one minute.

Typical Beginner’s Mistake (Precher Bench Curl)

Markus Ruhl: “People are just skipping 50% of the movement. They are skipping the negative movement. They are lowering/dropping the weight too fast, the negative movement is one of the most important factors to become stronger and bigger. If am not able to make the positive movement alone, then my partner will help, but I’ll try doing the negative movement without any damn help!”

Standing Cable Crossover Tricep Extension supersetted w. Overhead Cable Curl [TIMESTAP 10:14]

markus ruhl triceps workout
Markus’ new favorite triceps exercise: Standing Cable Crossover Tricep Extension. Source: Markus’ Youtube Video: “Bizeps + Trizeps richtig spüren”

Markus: “To be honest, I am now 46 years old, training 25 years bodybuilding, but you will learn always new stuff. The following exercise (Standing Crossover Triceps) is from my training partner. This exercise is great, you can not much cheat, and again use not too heavy weights. We are no Powerlifters! Bodybuilding is about isolating muscle and exercising with great technique”

Comments about Overhead Cable Curl

markus ruhl biceps
source: Markus Youtube Video: “Bizeps + Trizeps richtig spüren”

He said one of the most beginner’s mistakes is as follows: People don’t keep the movement straight, they take too heavy weights and the movement will be more a semi-circle. Keep the movement straight.

Markus: “Keep your arm at the head-level…Stand erect and pull to your ears”

Tipps from Markus: If you want to bring the exercise to another level, then hold it for 5 seconds. And then do the negative movement, hold it and don’t straighten the arm up. Keep the tension. (…) Triceps: 4 sets and Biceps: 4 sets.” 

 Markus’ GERMAN Tuna-Protein-Shake

He said he is not able to drink whey shake quite often. He would vomit if he uses 5 times daily protein drink-shakes, so he developed an alternative:

He is mixing water with tuna fish (only one can). Two cans would be too much protein, so he really uses one can. Plus salt (two gram), then he’s adding two puffed rice cakes.

Markus said also that’s a great whey protein substitute for lactose intolerant! In the world of German-Bodybuilding Markus’ Shake has cult status.


Markus’ team developed a new and tasty shake!

Recipes: “Chicken Fillet (cooked, 200 gr), Ginger (30gr), Coconut Milk(half can, 200gr) and Carrots“

He will mix it with water (150gr = One Cup) for 30–45 seconds. After that he’ will put the cream into the micro wave to warm up for 2 ½ minutes ( 600 Watt)

Markus: „I Know most bodybuilder are tired of just eating rice and beef, and the comments from Friends are annoying. This will look like Soup, which your Mother cooked. It’s low carb, has 40gr Protein, 20 Gram High Quality Fat due to Coconut Milk. It’s great for people who want to make a diet and it tastes great.”

Markus Ruhl’s Low-Budget Meal For Bodybuilders

When a bodybuilder goes in public, then everyone stop walking and start dropping their jaw’s off. One of the most legendary Video is Markus walking through the Supermarket. Everyone is just looking at him. But today I want to write about Mark’s Grocery list. He uploaded a great video entitled “Low-Budget Food For Bodybuilders”.

Markus’ shopping tour gained
 800.000 views and his German fan-community are leaving comments as follows: “Finally a competent, authentic, normal consultant for training and nutrition”and “Crazy how humble Markus is… thanks for all the tips and keep being the same person, Boss!”

Markus Grocery list:
1.Harzer cheese
3. Peanut Cream
4. Rye bread
5. Nuts (almonds)
6. Chicken Breast Fillet
7. Noodles
8. Rice (For Markus Number One source of carbs. Used to eat whole bb-career)
9.Protein. Tuna…(best and really cheap source of protein for Markus)
10. Olive Oil (good for cooking)
11. Puffed Rice Cake
12. Matzen (Only in Germany available! Great Snack and alternative for Puffed Rice Cake. He is used eating it his whole life. Markus can even remember when he was kid that his grandma was eating it too.)
13. Eggs
14. Cooked Ham
15. Magerquark
16.Packaged Chicken Breast

German’s Bodybuilder Secret: Magerquark
 I know there in the States ‘Magerquark’ does not exist. So for my American readers: the look and consistent is similar with cream cheese, but here in Germany the protein intake of Magerquark is very high. One small package (500gr) has 60gram protein.

At the end of the Video he’s showing “packaged chicken breast”. In Germany it’s very low-priced. He recommend for everyone, who have not enough time to eat. It’s great snack!

Markus said: “Nobody can talk to me, he is unable to eat due to the time. Here’s the alternative!”

Best Of Markus from the linked Video:

Markus Rühl: „I have a tip for you…Never go to the supermarket hungry. Write your essential food on paper, then go to the supermarket.

If I’d eat the whole day nothing, then I will go to buy crazy stuffs like Sandwiches and 3 Glasses of Nutella!

Is High Protein Bread good for you?

I don’t care about high priced protein bread, because its source of protein is soy and for me it means poor quality. If you want to have high-protein bread, then just buy bread and put a cooked egg on it!“

Markus Ruhl statement about cheap eggs
“The Youtube title is low-budget, so I bought for the Video one of the cheapest eggs. But I actually never would buy cheap eggs.I love animals. So I like to buy products labelled as “BIO”. For me it’s important the animals are living in a great and honorable habit.”

Making $ with Youtube

Markus uploaded in the past Videos and they all obtained over 100k views, so Markus must be rich? Can I make a living as a “Fitness-Youtuber”? 

Markus has obtained over 200.000 subscribers and he uploaded a video entitled “Lying in the Youtube-Business and Instagram Fakers “. Markus is coaching young athletes and it seems they are hoping to make money via social media. In Germany there are ‘Fitness-Gurus’ with the same amount of subscribers as Markus Ruhl. Those Gurus are travelling through the world and driving expensive cars.

Markus relevead his income. Quite interesting! By the way it was published in the early of 2018.

Markus Rühl: “I am coaching a lot young athletes and some of them are dreaming to become a Youtube-Fitness Star, so to make money for living…

Our team Ruhl24 (Video-Production + Store) has earned through Google Ads around 400700 Euro ($470-$800) monthly. So travelling through the world like the other Fitness-Gurus are doing it, is not possible. That’s only enough for us to go to restaurant and eating once. So don’t make big hopes.

So when you make Youtube and the reason should be passion. We are enjoying it to teach you about muscle building. And that’s the main-motivation for Youtube and not the small amount of money you are getting from them.

I know there’s a new profession called ‘Influencer’ and there’s another laughably synom entitled ‘Entreprenour”. They are all in their early 20’s and want to teach about life and business. Finally those guys just want to sell something, so be careful about those guys.”

 2020: Markus Ruhl vs. Covid

Where is Markus Ruehl now?? And what he’s doing today?
“My life has not quite changed since the pademie, no sh*t! I am working. To be honest I have lost some coaching-clients, but in general my daily routine did not change really. “

He is coaching and promoting OLDSCHOOL BODYBUILDING through seminars. By the way he has a wife named “Alicja Krafczyk” from Poland plus a daughter. He gave up his job at “AllStars” to become his own Boss. His company Ruhl24 is well established in Germany. Currently he’s promoting his own Whey called “Ruhls bestes”.

 “We oldschool bodybuilders are dinosaurs: We Will Die Out.” – Markus Ruhl

Markus’ Website + Company

As I said Markus has CULT STATUS in Germany. Thus his seminars are filled with around 100 BB-Fans!

Seminar + Coaching:


1.Markus Rühl’s review of the year 2008 – PART 1/2, Youtube
2. [02:55] RÜHL DOWN UNDER #3 | die Vorwahl & Rich Piana, Youtube 
5. Markus Rühl @Muscleline Hanau, Youtube
6. Bodybuilding und wie es früher war | Seminar in Memmingen – Teil 3
7. FIBO POWER 2015 – Markus Rühl im Interview, Youtube

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