Marvin Eder Training Routine

Marvin had no special routine, or favorite exercises. He combined Olympic Weightlifting with Bodybuilding and advocated working with bars and dumbells. This made up a large part of his training program. Marvin went through many training shedules but there was one trend through all the training years: Ultimate and maximum exertion! In this article I will present Marvin’s training history from the 50s to 70s.

(1) Bench Press Routine 1951
(2) Training around 1953
(3) Jr. Mr North America Training Shedule (1950)
(4) Marvin’s Training Routine established around the year 1969

(1) Bench Press Routine 1951

Marvin Eder Bench Press training

This bench press method will build both power and muscular size. He performed at least 5 sets each workout. The first set was the heavy set. He used a heavy weight that he could handle about 3 times. Then he dropped the weight 20 pounds and performed about 5 reps. Then another drop in weight and 7 reps. He continued this until his final set found him using a weight he could handle up to 12 reps.

In his estimation it is important to rest several minutes at least between sets.This was Marvin’s 3 times a week training routine. He said you have to rest a lot when you train hard with weights. Marvin used heavy weight on the bench press, but he did not press himself to his limits too often.

Training Shedule

Wide Arm Bench Press

Marvin eder bench press wide grip

– Sets/reps depends upon your experience. Marvin used the most weight for 4 reps in the first set and decreased the weight each set, increased the reps to 10 reps. Three to four sets will be the best.

Dip between parallel bars

Marvin Eder Dips bodybuilding

– Marvin did one rep with 345lb attached to his body and then 10 reps with 230lb
You will probably be able to use your bodyweight but after months of training you’ll be able to handle more weight

Floor Press

marvin eder press floor

-Hand held at about shoulder width. Same number of reps/sets as in the regular bench press

Power Press off two benches

Marvin Eder Press off the floor

– Reps and sets same as the bench press

Standing Tricep curl dumbbells

marvin eder tricep dembbells

10 reps for 4 sets

(2) Training Routine around 1953

First Day

Marvin Eder Press Workout

Press: Marvin begins with a warm up. In this he presses 290lb for 3 reps and tops off the workout using 300lb in four to 5 sets of 3 reps. Naturally these poundages are not to be regarded as permament. Marvin performed the press in strict style – the york style.

Marvin’s press has usually increased about 15 lb every six months. In 1953, his best press, at a bodyweight of 193 pounds, was 340lb.

He follows his pressing routine with dips on the parallel bar, doing eight sets of 10 reps with 220lb tied around his waist.

Marvin does eight sets of squats, three reps in each set, using a weight of 500lb.

Marvin did snatches, 10 sets of 2 or 3 reps. This is Marvin’s typical workout on days when he seeks to improve his press. The key to gaining power, in Marvin’s estimation, lies in employing very heavy weights for a great number of sets with low reps.

On the other day he did the following workout to improve his press with another type of assistance work.

Marvin Eder Bench Press

Dumbbell presses 5 sets, 7-10 reps with 120lb dumbells
Bench press 5 sets 8 reps with 350lb

That’s it. This day is rather Marvin’s bodybuilding day.

His shedule runs as follows:
First day:      Pressing Workout (Press, Dips, Squat, Snatch)
Second day: Bodybuilding (Dumbbell Press, Suspine Press)
Third Day:    Rest
Fourth day:  Pressing
Fifth day:     Bodybuilding
Sixth day:    Rest

(3) Jr. Mr North America Training Shedule (1950)

Marvin Eder dips

The following workout helped Marvin to gain 60lb of solid muscle and to win the ‘Mr North America’ title! But this routine is very severe. At this time Marvin was advanced and the following routine is not for beginners! Even Marvin made the mistake of overtraining when he first started.

Lateral raise
– pair of 50 pound dumbbells 5 reps – then pair of 30 lb weights 10 reps and finally 15 reps

Standing Deltoid straight arm raise
– pair of 50 pound dumbbells 4 reps, then 30 pound weights 10 reps and 15 reps.

Dumbbell press seated,
– 2 sets, 10 reps, 80 pound bells.

Floyd Page curls
-Two sets  with 60 pound dumbell, 3 reps first two stages and four reps the last part, or a total of ten reps for the entire exercise.

Reverse curl
 2 sets, 10 reps with 100 pound barbell. (Marvin stated that he has just latey included this exercise in his routine and this accounts for the light weight used)

Regular Barbell curl
– 2sets, 10 reps with 130 pounds.

Bench press
– 2sets, 10 reps with 250 pounds.

Incline bench presses
– 80 pound dumbbells, 2 sets, 10 reps

– 5 sets of 15 reps each with bodweight

Tricep curl with one arm,
– 2 sets , 20 reps, with 30 pound dumbbell

Bent arm pullover
holding ball of solid dumbbell in hands, 2 sets, 15 reps, 80 pound dumbbell

Lying triceps curl
30 pound dumbbell, 15 reps, 2 sets, 10 sets of chin’s, 15 reps each with varied hand position

Leg raise
5 sets of 15 reps.

3 sets of 15 reps, 300 pounds.

Wind up program with various styles of toe raises with very heavy weight.

Marvin did not either drink or smoke. He used to eat three big meals a day, but meat only once. He used to drink several quarts of milk each day. Lots of fruits and salads and never touched white bread. He did not eat rich or highly seasoned foods, and refused to touch sodas. 10 hours of sleep is his required minimum and he sleeps soundly and awakes fully refreshed

(4) Marvin’s Training Routine around the year 1969

Day 1: Workout with dumbells

Marvin Eder Training oldschool

Seated presses
120 lb dumbells for five sets and doing between 10 and 15 presses.
He went to curl them, also in seated position, 5 to 8 reps and repeated that for five sets.
The bench press was next in line, between 15 and 20 repetitions for another five sets.

Lat-machine, and when doing a very wide grip he pulled the bar down behind his neck, using 370 pounds and gradually decreased the poundage to 300, doing 8 reps and repeating it for five sets.

Marvin Eder Training

Dumbell triceps curls with 120lb dumbells while in a suspine position, which he repeated for 5 sets and 8 reps (8 reps were the average rep range).

Day 2: Lower Body
5 sets of parallel squats and fluctuating with poundage from 350lb to 475 pounds while doing 10 reps per set.

Calves were worked next by having a training partner sit on his back while resting the ball of the feet on a four inch block, then raising up high on the toes. High reps were usually followed and were especially productive for stimulating growth. His technique: full extension and contraction of calves!

Calves midsection
5 sets of 10 with leg bents while sitting on a very high incline and using 50 pounds for resistance.

Edior’s note: Use the below tag-system and click the button “benchpress” or “Marvin Eder” for more informations and articles developed by champions! – Mr. Berg
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  1. What’s the exact time duration of Marvin Eder’s routine. How long his workout lasted and also the test between sets. Please suggest me 😊😁.🤓🤓💪💪💪

    • Reps and sets ranged from 5×10 to 10-15 sets of lower reps, to the aforementioned 50-rep sets on some exercises, maybe higher volume for the chins, dips, and abs; or even the occasional grueling 7-hour session as Eder mentioned to Robson.


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