Mr. America Arm Workout by Dave Johns

The following bodybuilding arm workout is based on Mr. America winner Dave Johns. – Mr. Berg

Arm training is one of the most pupular pursuits of weight trainees. Everyone that picks up a weight wants to have biceps that look like softballs and hanging triceps that look like horseshoes are glued to the backs of their arms.

No matter how big a chest or how developed the legs, when a bodybuilder is spotted on the beach, the first commen is almost, “Wow! Look at those ARMS!”.

During Dave’s training for his Mr. America contest, he concentrated heavily on his arms because they are one of the first parts of the body the judges see.

According to Dave Johns it is only by doing the right combination of exercises that you can realize the proper growth that will help you achieve your goals. Far too many trainees make the mistake of believing that you must do only one exercise or certain set of repetitions and sets to increase arm size. In training arms, or any other body part, you must keep an open mind regarding your body’s resposnse to certain training methods.

by keeping an open mind, Dave Johns has found that during arm training specialization his arms respond best to combination of light, medium, and heavy weight coupled with medium to high sets and medium to high reps. In this way, his arms receive a complete all-round workout that just using heavy weights or just doing high reps cannot match.

Each person interested in increasing arm size porbably has one or two favorite exercises that they feel are “the trick” to large arms. In that respect, don’t let turn you away from your favorite exercise.

If one exercise feels the best, it is probably the one that is doing the most good. That does not mean, however, that additional exercises won’t add to your progress.

Before getting into the actual routine, let first mention diet. In order to insure proper breakdown and muscle recovery, good diet must be adhered to.

Don’t become a protein fanatic because all you read is how a lot of “champions eat large amounts of protein.

Protein is necessary with each meal. Again, as in the training routine, the diet must emphasize the right combination. Good, high quality protein comes from eggs, fish, lean meats, and milk products. Fruit and vegetables are also important to rount out a healthy diet.

The arms and the diet are much more closely related that most people realize. In order to increase arm sizem, it is a simple fact of physiology that the body weight must be increased considerably.

Often times, in oder to increase body weight it is necessary to use a protein supplement. Several protein drinks with a good, high quality gain weight supplement along with regular meals is usually enough to start extra growth.

When Dave Johns is really hitting his arm training, he used the following exercises to really force out the extra growth:

Barbell curl: 135 x 15 reps. He added ten pounds per set until he reached 205lb. He did 8 – 10 reps per set and tried to maintain a minimum of 8 reps, even as he went heavier.

Standing Dumbbell Curl: He started with 50lb and worked up in five lb. increments to 75lb at 10 reps per set, then dropped back to 60lb for 15 reps.

This last set was to really blast the already fatigued muscle and is great for adding more mass to the muscle.

Dumbbell Concentration Curls: These super peak exercises are done one arm at a time over the Scott bench. He used 50lb for 10 sets of 10 reps. On this exercise, he rellay concentrated on forcing peak conctraction of the bicep.

dave johns biceps curl

When performing the curling movements, use weights that will cause you to work harder as you reach the rep limit you have set for youself.

Do not sacrifice exercise style for heavy weights. As you progress, you will naturally get stronger and progressively handle heavier weights. Too much cheating will not properly work the bicep, causing little or no development.

Since the tricep makes up the bulk of the arm (three-fourths), he has always felt it best to work one more exercise for it than he does for the bicep.

In this way he is assured that the tricep is in proper proportion. Here is his tricep routine:

Seated Tricep Extension: Goind from 90 to 135lb in 5lb increments, he locks out the extensions above his head and makes sure his knuckles drop to his neck on the down movement. This is done 10 reps for 10 sets.

Tricep Pushdowns: He uses 12 sets of 15 reps per set using weight that are as heavy as he can possibly use and still perform the exercise correctly.

Dumbbell Kickbacks: 40 to 55lb with the usual 5lb increments, 10 sets of 10 reps. He really tries to cramp the tricep on the extension portion of this movement.

Dips: He uses a moderate weight, depending on how tired he is from his earlier exercises. He always make sure to dip his chest and force a lock-out at the top.

Dave Johns really believes this routine can work for anyone who has the dedication to stick it properly and the discipline to use the correct weight.

Combined with the proper combination of good diet and rest, it can’t bet beat. IF your arms need more size, give a try!

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