JM Blakely – Zen Benchmaster!

I was able to watch JM Blakely bench press at the 1996 WPC Can Am Championships in Las Vegas. The Saturday night before the fulll Powerlifting meet, there was a bench only meet. A check of Open Powerlifting.Org confirmed that JM had a ten year bench press career which began in 1992. JM’s best shirted …


Powerlifter Video Magazine – A decade of inspiration

In 1992, when no one had a cellphone and the internet was in it’s infancy, Powerlifter Video Magazine debuted. This quarterly videotape series was the product of entrepreneur Ned Low. Advertised in Powerlifting USA and later many of the days muscle magazines, the product was a huge hit amongst hard core strength trainers. Eventually, Ned …


Ralf Möller – Gladiator and Bodybuilder

Ralph Moeller is famous for his close friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger. No wonder both share a penchant for good wine, cigars, and heavy training. A lot of German Youtubers interviewed him, and he appeared in many TV Shows. Ralph is quite an interesting personality. Moeller was born in Recklinghausen on January 12, 1959. He was …


Hubert Metz – Muscle Phenomenon From Germany

Recently I saw unbelievable before and after pictures of German bodybuilder Hubert Metz. At the left, he’s around 32 years old, and on the right, you see a 65-year-old and jacked Hubert Metz. Age is just a number, and Hubert proved it. He was able to maintain and conserve his whole muscle appearance over decades! In …


Joe Ladnier – Mass Monster with a 24” Neck

Joe “The Lad”Joe Ladnier burst onto the Powerlifting scene in 1983, when 19 years old, he won the U.S. Senior National Men’s Powerlifting Championships at 242 lbs with a squat of 832 a bench of 556 and a deadlift of 788. He beat such legends as Fred Hatfield and Jim Cash. In doing so, Joe …


Strength Training Motivation In My 50s!

I am a staunch proponent of having a garage or basement gym. I had one as a teenager and then a garage gym was the focus when I bought my first house in California, as well as every house I have bought there after. As the world was forced to stay in their homes during …


Franz Bach – Happiness Is Bodybuilding

Franz Bach won the title of “Mr. Germany” in 1981 but to him, having a real-life job and working 12 hours a day was more important than bodybuilding. He was truly a hard-working German. Recently, I watched an emotional interview with Franz Bach at the Loaded Cup competition in 2015. The interviewer Matthias Botthof asked …


Ken Leistner – An Incredible Strength Influence

As soon as I became obsessed with powerlifting, I immediately began reading everything I could get my hands on such as Powerlifting USA. Dr Ken Leistner was the training editor for that magazine since its inception in 1977 until 2012 when the magazine ceased production. Dr Ken was a staple in Muscular Development Magazine during …


west side barbell training review experience

My First 3 Years of Westside Barbell Training

In approximately 1988 I first read about Louie Simmons and the Westside Barbell Club Ohio in issues of Powerlifting USA. I read anything I could get my hands on about getting stronger then, but I did not follow or apply any of the principles Louie discussed in those late eighties issues. I trained traditional linear …


benchpress fail accident dropped barbell powerlifting

SURVIVING A 280 Kilo BENCHPRESS Fail – Zweydorff’s Story

A lot of benchpress fails ended up very badly. They can even be deadly: some have broken their ribs and have paid for it with their life. Zweydorff’s story is unbelievable. A German bench-presser, he broke his skull, bled heavily, and somehow survived it. Here’s his story. ‘’, a German fitness website, covered Robin’s training …


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