Old Man Strength Workout by John Grimek

The following training philosophy was developed by Mr. Universe John Grimek. He used to write decades for the fitness and bodybuilding industry.
His knowledge about training, diet and lifting is huge and incredible! Have fun – Mr. Berg.

John Grimek’s training philosophy for old men, senior citizen and overweights

John Grimek Workout for old men

For the mature beginners who wish to put on some muscle, the following routine should prove practical.

Warm-up 12-15
Regular press 8-12
Curl 8-12
Squat 12-15
Pullover 12-15
Straddle lift 12-15
Lying LAterals 12-15
Bench press 8-12
Shrug 10-12
Leg raise or Sit-up..until tired

The warm up can be the continious clean and press exercise, using of course, a very light weight to warm up the muscles prepare them for the routine.

Also, takes note, that only one set of squat in recommended  but anohter set of the straddle lift is done.

The reason for this is because most older fellows have trouble supporting a weight on the shoulders behind the neck, and since the straddle exercise is a very effective leg moevement, it is a good substitute for the squat. 

Legs used to weaken as we grow older, and they should be exercised to keep them firm and strong. Once your legs get weak you feel weak all over. Avoid this by including some leg training.

Also, if you don’t have any abdomined problems do only enough to manage abs, which is effectively done by a few sit-ups at leg raises.

Reducing weight
The same type of exercising program can be adopted by the overweight senior citizen. But do more repetitions than those listed above.

In other word, besides doing a few more sit-ups, leg raises, etc., he should include plenty of walking, some jogging, stair climbing and other activity but always with his ability. 

Of course a careful check onhis food intake is important, as he follows this suggestion.

Training Hints
The bodybuilder who wants to increase his muscle size and add bodyweight should include three complete workout days a week for the first six months, longer if he feels he is making good improvement. Later, however, at his muscles grow stronger and larger and demand more exercises he should include four day per week.

This could run something like this:

Training on Monday and Tuesday and resting Wednesday. Training is again done on Thursday and Friday and followed by two days rest. Of course any other training days can be used, of course 4 day will be forging into advanced training, which could arrest rather than stimulate your progress. Increase your training OLNY WHEN THE MUSCLES ARE PREPRARED TO ACCEPT IT…NEVER FORCE IT AT THIS STAGE. If you do you will reach a stikcing point and find it difficult to exercise.

Other Activities

The overweight man who desires to lose weight must try to become as active as possible but not to the extent of exhausting himself, particularly pletes his energy he will feel weak and unwilling to train, thus defeating his purpose so should be more conservative on those days when he must take a complete workout. In this way he will be able to gain some muscular weight but diminish the amount of flab he is now carrying…
which is the real purpose of his training.

The Senior Citizen
If the man does not take part in other physical activities he should do more walking, some running and jumping to help him lose weight faster. These activities stimulate interest and keep him more alert. Some swimming, bowling, golf, handball and similar sports can be indulged in to help burn up the excess weight. So if you are overweight and want to lose more of it, keep active and take part in other activities besides your weight training. You will succeed faster this way.

Diet is a controlling factor. It matters not whether you wish to gain weight or take it off, you must watch your diet and choose your food to reap the results faster. It’s quite natural to eat more to put on weight, especially if you are training strenously, and cut down on your food intake when your wish to lose weight. However, try to ingest more than the average quota of protein so that your system will have an adequate supply to use for rebuilding purposes.

The same applies to the overweight person. Enough protein should be taken to maintain the rebuilding process but all of the “fattening foods” should be kept to a bare minimum or eliminated entirely. Plenty of liquids are necessary but all alcoholic and carbonated beverages should be eliminated, or if they must be used, use them very sparingly. Drink milk to excess should be avoided, although a glass or two can be taken if the individual prefers it. Underweight bodybuilders, however, can drink all they want…but should avoid excesses.

Rest and Sleep
Rest and sleep is needed for the body to recover fully but most people sleep too much, making them lazy and groggy. It’s a fact that most overweight persons are phlegmatic and sleep to excess. If you are overweight try to get at least seven hours but not over eight. But if you desire to gain weight, try to get at least eight to nine hours of restful sleep nightly.

The phlegmatic overweight invariably has a sluggish thyroid that creates in him a feeling of tiredness. Exercise may, and often does, normalize the thyroid functioning and improves his condition. This may take a few weeks or even months, but exercise does exert a beneficial reaction upon this gland and metabolism.

The underweight fidgety individual probably has an overactive thyroid which makes him more restless. In his case, too, exercise will tend to slow it up and normalize thyroiid function. But he must try to be conservative, get adequate sleep and lots of rest and in this way he should be able to build up his muscles, improve his appearance and acquire the type of physique he always desired. It will take time but it will be worth it.

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