Old School Bodybuilding Diet by Chuck Sipes

Chuck Sipes placed great importance on his nutrition. According to Chuck it is just ridiculous to attempt a hard workout routine if you are not prepared to make adjustment in your regular diet. You should be sure your regular meals supply you with adequate protein and vitamins so that your body may recuperate from your training. Chuck Sipes listed in the Weider magazine the following diet that he used when before his last Mr. Olympia appearance.

2 pieces whole wheat toast
Cereal and milk (whole grain)
Fresh fruit
2 eggs and I beef hamburger
Fruit juice
1 tablespoon Weider Triple E
2 BD/BU tablets


Tuna Sandwich
1 glass whole milk
Ice cream (vanilla)
1 banana
1 tablespoon Triple E
5 Liver tablets


Steak or fish
1 glass milk
4 B-12 tablets

Between meals, six times a day he had a special drink that might be of interest. It consisted of milk, honey, black strap molasses, 3 raw eggs, Weider protein powder and ice cream. Mix thoroughly in a blender.


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