Oldschool Chest Expander Training by Reg Park


Mr. Universe Winner Reg Park was open-minded and tried everything to improve his training. His role model John Grimek used to train with expanders extensively. He cited expanders are great to integrate into your training regime during off-seasons. 

Lifting heavy weights for a long time of period will bring muscular aches and joint troubles. Expanders have got maximum or minimum resistance and these items will exercise the muscles from different angle.

One day John Grimek’s progress stopped and he thought about to take a break or employ some cable work. Of course he employed some cable work for a few weeks and as the weeks passed his progress in muscle-size started again.

Reg Park was also iron addicted and it was hard to take a rest. He needed labor work and the “pump” in the muscle. Thus he bought some expanders and trained with them. He developed great exercises for all body muscles. 

Many great-looking oldschool bodybuilder used to train only with expanders and they developed well shaped muscles. The following exercises are also for people who wanted to start building muscles without weights! Have fun!

Exercise 1. Alternate Pressing (Shoulder)

Reg Park Chest Expander Delts

Hold the cables as shown with right hand as low as possible and the left hand held at shoulder level. Keep the right hand straight and push the left hand overhead to arms length, then lower and repeat. Same sheme for the other hand.

Exercise 2 Pullout in front (Chest and Shoulder)

Reg Park Pullout in frontStart the Pullout in front. Cables are held in front of the body at shoulder level. Keep the arms straight, pull the expanders outwards until they are touching the chest. Return to the start and repeat it again.

Exercise 3 The Archer Movement (triceps)

Reg Park Chest expander trainingOne of the best triceps developer. Keep the left arm straight and pull the right arm outwards until it is at arms length. Return to the start position. Do not use your shoulder. Keep it and the whole work should do your triceps.

Exercise 4 Triceps Curls

Reg Park chest expander trainingStart position: Keep the left arm straight and extend the right hand until it is overhead and lower to the starting position

Exercise 5 Pull Down From Overhead (back and shoulder)

Chest Expander Training OldschoolHold the cables at arms length overhead and keep arms straight. Pull downwards until the strands are extended across the back. Return and start again

Exercise 6 Forward raise (shoulder)

Reg Park training expanderThe forward raise reither with one or both arms. Keep your arms straight and raise your arm to shoulder level and then lower.

Exercise 7 Upright rowing (shoulder and back)

Reg Park expander TrainingStart: Rest the hands in front of the thighs and then pull the expanders, holding the elbows high until they are in line with the chin (see the picture) and lower.

Exercise 8 Side Bends (waist)

Reg Park expander trainingBend the body to opposite. Keep the hand with expander straight. Use only the strength of the waist. Slowly return to the upright position. Do it for both sides.

Exercise 9 biceps curl

Reg Park Biceps curlStart: hands are resting in front of the thighs in underhand grip. Curl the hand to shoulder level and lower to starting position.

Exercise 10 the reverse curl

Similar to exercise 9 but the hands are in the overhand grip.

Reg Park recommends to perform these 10 exercises with 4 sets and 10 reps. Remember to breath in before each reps and exhale on completion. 

This routine should be performed 4 days each week.

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reg park journal january 1955

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