Olschool Abs Workout by bodybuilding Star Mike Katz

No pastries, no pizzas, no carbonated drinks. And spaghetti and macaroni are strictly tabo! If a well-muscled is your goal you must train regularly. This is especially important the case of the really fat man. He must pay strict attention to diet and never miss a workout. Consistency is the word here.

Super sets and burns have been particularly effective in Mike Katz’ waist training and the continuous tension principle deserves special mention.

Super Set 1 Incline Sit Ups

mike katz abs

Take up the position on your abdominal board as illustrated. Bend your knees slightly and clasp your hands behind your neck. Now breathe OUT empty your diaphragm and raise your body up to a seated position. Forcefully tense the abdominal are. Lower slowly but do not allow the muscles to relax. As your back hits the abdominal board go into your second repetition. Continue until you are unable to perform another rep.

That’s the continuous tension principle in action and it will really burn the fat that hides your championship intercostals. Aim for an ache in the abdominal muscles. It will mean you’re really working them. Sometimes Mike hold a ten pound plate behind his neck for added resistance.

mike katz workout

The second part of this super set involves the Leg Raise. Without resting from the first part of this assault, simply turn around and adopt the position as illustrated. Breathe OUT and raise your legs until your feet are just above your face. Now breathe in and slowly allow your feet to return to starting position. Again do not allow your feet to rest on the bench here. Employ the continuous tension principle and continue grinding out those reps until your abdominals holler for help. That ache will tell you when you’ve really had enough. Now you take a well deserved pause. Rest just long enough to catch your breath and repeat for 4 more super sets.

Super Set 2

mike katz workout

The Chinning Bar Leg Raise makes the up the first part of this great super set. He takes a shoulder width grip on the chinning bar, allowing his body to hang freely. Then, breathing OUT, he slowly raises his legs, straight, and as high as he can manage. At this point, he hold the abdominal tension for a count of four and slowly lower to starting position. Do as many reps as possible.

Alternate Leg Raises complete this super set. Lie on the abdominal board as illustrated. Now raise both feet about three inches off the bench. 

mike katz abs core workout

Raise one leg as high as possible, keeping the other leg just off the bench. Now reverse leg positions. Speed up the tempo to as fast as you can and we’re in business. You feel the abs working out in this one. Four super sets of the above two will tell you all about abdominal training.

Exercise 5: Twist/Sit-Up

mike katz workout

Perform this exercise in normal set fashion. That is, perform one set of your number of reps then rest. You will need this break after the above two super sets!

Adopt the same position as in exercise #1. Come up to the seated position but here’s the difference. Instead of returning to starting position first you twist force fully until your right elbow touch the outer side of your left knee. Then you twist to the other side until your left elbow comes into contact with your right knee. Now you return to starting position and repeat the process for 15 reps, sets

Exercise 6: Knee Raise From Chinning Bar

mike katz workout abs

Any kid can do this one. The difference is you’ve got to concentrate strongly on the abdominals as you raise your knees higher and higher each rep. Do 4 sets of 15 reps for real child’s fun!

This then is it. Mike Katz enjoyed his ab-dominal training he got into the habit of performing a couple sets of sit-ups after his squats just to ease his spine.

Naturally, he does not always do the above training schedule. Only when he is training for a contest or when he thinks his abdominals need special attention. Normally, he sticks to six super sets of the first two exercises.

It is important that you cut down on your carbohydrate intake if you want the best results from this schedule, in the shortest possible time.

Lay off pizzas, the thick gravies and stews, rice and pastries.

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