Over 100 Bodybuilding Program Spreadsheet

Over 100 Bodybuilding Program Spreadsheet

In the below you’d the most read blog posts about how the oldtimers trained. Plus I listed about more than 100 articles, which contain the spreadsheet/split routine they used back in the day! Learn how Arnold Schwarzenegger and all other 70’s bodybuilder trained for free. Neckberg is the only source offering Golden Era Information for Free! We never copy and pasted from other Websites. We are collecting old book and magazines and using them for creating unique content here!

Greg Kovacs – The Canadian Colossus

During the decade of the 1990s, before the dawn of the Internet, a new phenomenon entered the bodybuilding world, the 400lb off season bodybuilder! Although there were a...

abe goldberg bodybuilder

A Personal Interview with Abe Goldberg

A Personal Interview with Abe Goldbergby Prof. Em. OrlickYour Physique 1947 May His name is Abe Goldberg, and believe me, Joe’s enthusiasm about him was not misplaced. Abe...

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