Pam Meister – Female Powerlifter

“You’d better be good today,” she seems to say, “or I’m going to beat your pants off!”.
More than several male powerlifters have experienced acute cases of butterflies and goose pimples at the thought, especially from 4′ 11″ 103 Pound Woman. Not only Pam Meister an exceptional athlete; she is a genuine and exciting personality. It is only Fitting that we begin our Coverage with a profile of a Woman who fits an “athlete”.

Just six months after she started to Train in April of 1977, Pam entered and won her first meet – a regional woman’s Competition in her native Ohio– Managing a 160 Pound squat, 80 Pound bench and a deadlift of 215 Pounds.
She won most valuable lifter that day. 
On January 7, 1979, at the Lake Erie District Meet, she squatted with 300, benched 130 and deadlifted 330 Pounds..


the excerpt was quoted from a magazine

source: Lady Athlete January 1979

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