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Here in this article we are presenting exclusive content about Pamela Reif’s breakfast, training, school, Instagram and the history of the fitness movement. In an interview with the YouTube channel ‘Gründerszene’, Pamela Reif revealed that she put more heart and soul into her website than into her social media accounts. Unfortunately, she took her german website offline, but I managed to restore some of the posts. Have fun!

Pamela Reif is an influencer, Youtuber and author of several books like “You Deserve This” and “Strong & Beautiful”.

Instagram and co. are indispensable today, thousands of existences depend on them. Would Pamela Reif also have become known without the social media? Indeed! Strong, influential and beautiful women existed even before the era of Pamela Reif!

Pudgy Stockton at Muscle Beach

Pudgy Stockton was born 100 years ago in California. She fell in love with Les and they got married on July 14, 1941. From then on, the two fitness enthusiasts visited the famous Muscle Beach and often performed stunts and gymnastics.

One of her most famous feats of strength was the overhead pressing her husband (81kg), which attracted the attention of the media. She made it on the cover of over 40 magazines and even made it into the famous American magazine “New York Times”.

She has often been called as a “pioneer of the women’s fitness movement”. She also competed in beauty contests and in 1948 she won the title “Miss Physical Culture Venus”. She received a prize money of 1000$ (value today: 10.000$)

pudgy stockton

The American historian Joe Roark once wrote about Pudgy :
“To say that Pudgy Stockton was special to the history of women’s physical culture is similar to saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger accelerated men’s bodybuilding. Pudgy was first an example of glowing fitness with useful muscle.

Pamela Reif and Pudgy Stockton have one thing in common: they trained with weights and presented themselves to the public. Only the platform has changed: In the past, the athletes presented themselves on stage, today it’s the social media.

How did Pamela Reif become famous?

She knew how the school system worked and graduated with the highest distinction

About the school, Pamela wrote a blog post and said that teachers are just humans too, and the bond with them is important: talk to them, ask questions and show them that you want to learn something.

“I never went to exams unprepared”, wrote Pamela and told her that she would start studying 3 – 4 days before the exam date.

While at school she started taking pictures and publishing them on Instagram.

She recognized both the school system and the social media system. She quickly reached a high number of followers and her classmates naturally noticed her popularity.

How did her classmates react to her high number of followers? She published a blog post on July 13, 2016 (title: Questions and Answers). She said that her classmates reacted very calmly, but the students in the parallel class gossiped a little behind her back.

The breakthrough with fitness!

If you would scroll down to the first pictures of Pamela Reif on Instagram, you would see a thin and fragile girl. The picture linked above has only 12,000 likes and she only got her breakthrough after she started to lift weights and building up some muscle mass. She also published some posts about this journey on her old german website!


At the age of 10 she started dancing, preferably Hip Hop, and also participated in the German and World Championships. At some point she lost her passion for dancing and at the age of 16 she made the best decision of her life: to go to the gym.

On May 29, 2016 Pamela Reif published a blog post entitled “My Fitness Story”. She was neither overweight, depressed nor anorexic. She described herself as an ectomorph: As a child, she ate a lot of healthy food, but she was always slim, petite and never really managed to gain weight.

Her boyfriend at the time and she regularly went to the gym without a proper plan.

How did Pamela Reif lose weight? She wrote the following on her website: “I did cardio, a little weightlifting with baby weights and more cardio, then I took the courses ‘Fatburner’ or ‘Bodypump'”.

She also wrote that this way of training made her body “lean”, the body fat percentage decreased and the six-pack was highly visible. She weighed 45kg at that time.

One year later and the desire for muscles came, and then the success!

Many of the young men in the gym did basic exercises (squats, deadlift and bench presses). According to her blog post, this sparked her interest and she tried the three big exercises.

“My boyfriend and I asked a trainer who taught us the deadlift, squats,
heavy lunges and leg press”.

She noticed very quickly that her body was changing and gradually got more curves.
She experimented a lot and developed the following training plan in 2016, which she would not recommend to everyone.

2x a week: legs (sometimes only the gluteus)
1x weekly back and arm, in addition she did a whole training season only abs


She published an article entitled “15 Ways to Build Muscle”, often stressing the importance of training with correct technique and heavy weights.

Recipe for success on Youtube

How do I become successful on Youtube? Pamela Reif does not edit the videos alone, her brother Dennis is cameraman and editor of her YouTube videos! So group work is important.

The Youtube videos with the most views are marked with the term ‘No Equipment’. That means she trains without weights and barbell.

The YouTube video “10 MIN BOOTY BURN” reached 37 million hits and was rated quite positively by the fitness community. She performs lunges, squats and much more without weights.

Are leg exercises without weights really a great exercise for the leg muscles? We will take a short trip back in time: India.

Hindu Wrestler Tiger Joginer. Note the big leg development

200 years ago, a time without supplements, gyms and steroids, the Indian wrestlers of Hinduism were able to build up an incredible amount of muscle in their legs with the help of the Free Squat!

The American personal trainer and writer Earle Liederman had written an article in 1956 with the title “Squat, squat and more squats”.

He talked to an expert on Indian fitness culture:

“The Indian wrestlers would perform 5,000 – 6,000 bodyweight squats every day, and with this training philosophy they achieved big legs.”

They live a lifestyle full of dedication to wrestling. They would rest at sunset and wake up early in the morning. They are vegetarians, never smoke and never drink alcohol.

Earl Liederman also states that all these squats helped wrestlers build a shapely leg extension, and in the long run, this type of training resulted in a larger chest.

Squatting involves breathing in and out a lot of air, which increases lung volume and thus chest size, Liedermann wrote.

So the free squat is really a great and natural exercise for the legs and upper body!

How do I get Instagram Follower? Has Pamela attended a course

Pamela Reif currently has 6.5 million followers on Instagram and in her blog post (September 18, 2016) titled “How to Build an Instagram Following” she explains the Instagram phenomenon.

“There is no secret to being successful on Instagram,” she wrote.

But she has published a few tips. Pick a topic that excites you and “Quality is more important than quantity is my motto,” she wrote.

She tries to post regularly, at most once a day, but the quality of the photos must not suffer. She uses her smartphone for 80% of her Instagram photos.

Ask for help

If you are stuck, she recommends to cooperate with other instagramers.
Contact them by email or the Instagram Messenger and ask them if they would like to ‘repost’ some of your photos.


Stay in contact with your fans and ask your fans for their opinion and wishes.


Pamela Reif published an article entitled ‘My Breakfast’ on September 4, 2016.
To keep it short: Oatmeal (50g), Chocolate Crunch (30gr), Fruits, Yoghurt (50gr) and 100ML Mikk she eats for breakfast.


On August 18, 2016 Pamela published a blog post about her vision and goals.
She describes that many people have a clear idea of how they want to live their lives. Having children, building a house….But she wrote that she has no idea.

The only thing she wants is to be happy. “I feel happy when I have a positive influence on other people.”


The transformation of Pamela is incredible, from a skinny, weak girl to a strong and independent woman. With the help of barbell training and an ambitious will, she has achieved cult status worldwide, contributing to the popularity of muscle building!

Pamela Reif is currently working on various projects. She is currently publishing some of her workout videos on the Chinese version of Youtube. According to Socialblade, she has benefited from the pandemic and the number of views of her home workout videos increased heavily!

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  1. I can’t believe you are comparing this woman with Pudgy Stockton, who really was a strong, fit, influential woman! Having lots of followers does not make you an athlete. It just means you know how to work the system. Ms Stockton earned her following by being a top notch hand balancer and strength athlete during the formative years of the original Muscle Beach, not by doing a few ‘bodyweight exercises’ in front of her IPhone without any visible muscle.

    • Pamela gave the the basic exercises “squat , deadlift” full credit for ‘muscle building’ and not bodyweight exercises. I think also that doing a few bodyweight exercises in front of smartphone will not really build muscle. It’s just marketing to obtain views. For me writing about today’s “fitness influencer” it’s just marketing obtain views and to tell the young girls about the past, thus to keep the oldtimer alive (Pudgy Stockton) was my reason to include some material. I never wanted to make the statement Pamela Reif is the “Modern Day Pudgy Stockton”.


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