Powerlifting Diet by John Kuc

The following oldschool strong man diet was developed by legend John Kuc. Use my great tag-system below and click ‘John Kuc’ to learn more about him.. – Mr. Berg

When John Kuc was a full Superheavyweight…eating just about anything that was handy, he ended up with high blood pressure problems…he took care of that situation by dropping the excess weight quickly and paying much more attention to his diet…to which he strictly adheres to.

here’s John’s daily diet plan…BREAKFAST…6 soft cooked eggs, 16 ounces of skim milk, 4 pieces of toast (with apple and a banana.

For LUNCH…he has 1 can of tuna fish, a quart of water, 2 bananas and 2 apples. For SUPPER he’ll have a 1/2b of fish or lean beef or pork..another apple, another banana, another quart of water, plus a vegetable of some kind. High night-time SNACK consists of an apple/a banana/and a drink consisting of 3 tablespoons of protein powder in milk, along with 3 tablespoons of bran.

As far as vitamin/mineral supplementation goes, his daily schedule includes 1000mg of Vitamin C in the morning and 1000 mg. of Vitamin C in the evening. Plus he takes some Vitamin E, some B-complex, B-15, 200 mg. of Zinc Gluconate, and a standard Multi-Vitamin tablet that that another 1/2 gram of Vitamin C with it.

John strives to get 8 hours of sleep per night when he’s in heavy training, if he lets it get down to as few as 6 hours a night then he starts to come down with colds, etc. You can see that John is very conscious of his food intake and that a disciplined diet consisting of healthy foods is a key to hgis success..a sidelight on John’s level of fitness…when he was in the Marine Corps, one of his big goals was to win the USMC “MASTER OF FITNESS” award..wherein you had to attain certain levels of performance on the 3 powerlifts…as well as holding the “flag” position for a specified time on a vertical pole, as well as running 3 miles in under 18 minutes…

He handles all the requirements well, except for the run..which he could never quit get under 18 minutes..so, he was obviously a good strength athlete from the beginning.

While in the Corps, John did his first competing..lifting with such Floridians as Lon Holy, Dom Lodato, Ralph Wood, Frank Barefield, and Ellington Darden…he even did a little physiquing..winning 3rd place and Most Muscular in one of the many body contests they used to have down there.

Another facet of his life that is little known is that John is an avid gun collector…all kinds, he’s even got 4 or 5 of them that he’s never even had the chance to fire yet. He also does a lot of his own ammunition reloading..it’s kind of like his “vacation” from powerlifting, but it does add a lot of demands on his time.

PS…One other thing, before each workout John like to take a cup of strong  tea…just to clear his head and assist his concentration.

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