Ralph Kroger – Mr. America routine

Ralph Kroger won the WBBG Mr. America crown. Kroger has won Best Legs in several Mr. America contests, his torso development is almost unequalled, and he has fine delts and abs. And yet it has taken Ralph nearly 15 years of steady training before top titles began to fall to him. Why? According to Dale Adrian (Mr. America 75′) the answer lies in the arm are. Until Realph Kroger’s upper arm development has lagged behind the rest of his body and this shut him out for the big international titles. However he has come up with a secret arm workout formular and won some top titles.

Here’s Ralph Kroger’s training routine including his arm training!

Exercise Sets Reps
Press Behind Neck 4 5-12
Dumbbell Press 4 5-12
Barbell Seated Press 4 5-12
Barbell Incline Press 4 5-12
Dumbbell Incline Press 4 5-12
Benches to neck 4 5-12
Pushout with pulleys 4 5-12
2-Dumbbell Flat Bench Ext 4 5-12
Pushdowns on Lat Machine 4 5-12
Front Thigh    
Leg extensions 6 8-12
Hack squats 6 8-12
Toe raises on Leg Press 12 12-20
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Back Sets Reps
Rowing with End of Barbell 4 5-12
Pulldowns 4 5-12
Power Cleans 4 5-12
Dumbbell Curls to Sides 4 5-12
Dumbbell Incline Curls 4 5-12
Reverse Barbell Curl 4 5-12
E-Z Curl Bar (palms up) Rolling Across Bench 4 higher reps
Reverse Rolling across bench Same Bar, palms down 4 max
Dumbbell Forearms Curls 4 5-12
Back of thigh    
Leg Curls 6 8-12
Deadlift 6 8-12
Leg Ups on Bench alternaed with Knee Ups on Incline 7 15-20


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  1. I met Ralph Kroger back in the day when he had a gym in Solana Beach on the Boardwalk. My Dad Remington Jackson from Del Mar was building a squat rack, etc for Ralph and training at the gym. As kids we learned about a new diet: “health food” which I continue currently. I concur, very friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable & fantastic trainer-coach.


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