Reg Park Chest Workout

A well developed chest, struturally and muscularly, makes man more imposing and impressive. According to Mr. Park most young bodybuilders when considering chest development think only of developing the pectoral muscles, and give little or no thought to the development of the lungs and the rib box, the basic structure for developing a large and powerful chest.

Top bodybuilders do, however, never neglect either area.

Whenever a chest routine is planned the first consideration should be given to the development of the lungs and increasing the lung capacity to the fullest. This can best be accomplished through the use of leg work, mainly squats and done in highe repetitions.

Squats done in high repetitions help to induce a state of breathlessness and will, eventually, result in a larger rib-box.

For example, you would be wise to commence your actual chest workout with at least three sets of squats, repeating each set at least 20 times. The use of the following breathing technique is recommended.

Repetitions Breaths
1 to 5  One breath between each rep
6 to 10  Two breaths between each rep
11 to 15 One breath between each rep
16 to 20 Three breaths between each rep

Naturally, when icluding 20 consecutive repetitions in this exercise you will not be able to handle very heavy weights in this exercise, but the weight itself is of little importance when this exercise is used for chest development. After 15 repetitions your lungs should be bursting for air, and this is what you are after..breathlessness and forced breathing.

After you have completed your squats you should then perform stretching exercises for the rib-box such as:

Straight arm pullover with barbell on bench. Three sets of 15 repetitions and
Straight arm dumbbell pullover across bench. Three sets of 15 repetitions.
Straight arm dumbbell pullover across bench. Three sets of 15 repetitions.

The first three exercises (squats, pullovers with barbell and dumbbells) are primarily to develop the rib-box and chest capacity. Now you are ready to perform direct pectoral exercises such as the following:

Exercises Rep x Set
Decline Benchpress with Barbell 8 x 4
Incline dumbbell press 8 x 4
Dips on parallel bars 8 x 4
Dumbbell flying exercise on bench 8 x 4

If you are really desperate and anxious to increase your chest and rib-box size, then apart from including ALL the exercises listed in this chest program, you MUST take steps to increase your bodyweight.

Bodyweight can be increased, in most cases, by increasing your food and liquid intake this is especially true when the bodybuilder is in hard training. A little more protein foods and added liquids will help to increase the bodyweight of most bodybuilders quite easily.

According to Reg Park a really well-developed chest also requires full and well-developed latissimus dorsi muscles. These powerful muscles, when fully developed, help to add several more inches to your chest measurement. 

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