Roger Estep Question and Answers

Dear Roger: I have been bodybuilding for 2 years now and made terrific gains. My partner and I have been thinking about training exclusively for power. In the primary lifts we do triple reps one day and singles the next. Can you please give me a day by day training program I can follow, consisting of the primary and secondary exercises.

James Simmons

Roger Estep: “Your program wounds pretty good but it also sounds like a lot of heavy work which could lead to overtraining. On the program you described you may go several months without overtraining but if you become stale and the weights that you normally do fairly easy become heavy then I would recommend only one heavy day of training. As for the secondary or assistance training; extra bicep, tricep and at work are most important for the bench press.

Good mornings, power cleans, leg curls, and calf work will help your deadlift and squat. Twice a week on this program should give you good results.”

Dear Roger: Should a lifter cycle the three power lifts in training to get stronger or lift heavy all the time to make gains? Chris Aristeridis

Roger Estep: “There are so many opinions on cycles that a young lifter can become confused very easily. Personally I don’t like the word cycle because it implies that my training is going around in circles and if you apply some people’s advice on cycling you’ll end up going around in circles.

Today almost every major powerlifter uses the term cycle and even people who are into sports research are using this term.

I believe that a lifter should train to be as strong as possible all year long and you only decrease the intensity of your work out to prevent overtraining.

Now this means that sometimes you will decrease your bench press intensity while you continue to make progress in your squat and deadlift and vise-versa.

As you near a contest let’s say 8-12 weeks before the contest, this is usually the time frame that people say they are on their final cycle.

To me this is the time when I zero in on the contest and make sure all things are right in my training, that my nutrition is perfect, I get plenty of rest, and block out anything that is negative. So I guess you could say that my cycling is more mental and paying attention to the small details

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