Ron Collins Workout Routine

At the age of 28, and at a bodyweight of 145lb, he began to train with weights in order to increase his ability in soccer. Always naturally strong, he enjoyed training immensely and, after a year he jilted soccer, for twenty years the love of his life, and fell heavily into the arms of the Iron Maiden.

By 1962 he was already strong enough to qualify and win the British National “Strength Set” (Squat, Bench Press and Curl) Championship but he was busy with his job and did not enter.

By 1966 the curl had been replaced by the deadlift and Ron was ready to enter, and win, his first National Championship.

Since that time, ten more National Championships have been held and Ron has won every one of them, creating dozens of world records.

Ron’s favorite training routine he used prior to the 1976 World’s

Ron Collins Deadlift

Monday Weight x Rep
Squat 135 x 10, 235 x 10, 335 x 8, 420 x 5, 520 x 5, 600 x 3, 670 x 3, 700 x 1, 720 x 1, 740 x 1, 750 x 1
Benchpress 135 x 8, 225 x 8, 330 x 5, 370 x 5, 405 x 3, 440 x 1, 375 x 5
Deadlift 330 x5, 440 x 5, 520 x 3, 600 x 3, 620 x 3, 650 x 1, 680 x 1, 690 x 1, 
Wrist Curl (rolling weight down into the fingers) Light weight and high reps
Grip Machine light weight and high reps

Note: He deadlifted 650lb for 5 reps but he usually stays with singles, doubles, and triples with a weight near his planned starting attempt. It should be noted that although he used straps for a brief time.

Ron Collins Benchpress

Wednesday Weight x Rep x Set
Dumbbell Press  75lb x 10 x 5
Bent Forward Rowing 200lb x 5 x 5
Benchpress, used a narrow (18″) grip worked up in sets of 5 reps to 320 (his best was 8 reps with 320)
Curl Light weight x 5 x 4 – 5


Squat, Bench, Deadlift The same as Monday except that he works up to a limit with 5 reps in each of the 3 lifts rather than for triples or singles. His bests for 5 are: Squat 680, Bench Press 390 Deadlift 650
Wrist Curls and Grip Machine Same as Monday

Ron Collins Powerlifter


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