Running In The Bodybuilding’s Training Routine!

Mr. America Winner Don Ross will explain the benefits of running in bodybuilding! – Mr. Berg

“Running – a super-definition and stamina-builder, or a self-defeating muscle destroyer? I’ve heard both sides of the story for many years now. Through my own experiences both with myself and with those I’ve trained, I can now come to a conclusion.

First, a word about the man who brought the controversy to light. Vince Gironda is a man whom I have more respect for than just about anyone in the bodybuilding game. His book, “Blueprint for the Bodybuilder” could be the most important piece of bodybuilding literature ever written. It should be mandatory reading for anyone wanting to instruct weight training. Gironda’s idea on diet and exercise were way ahead of their time when they were first written. They are most relevant today.

Vince believes in hard, non-stop workouts. That is, very little rest between sets. Working out in this manner works the cardio-vascular system to its fullest and a person training in such a man would be totally winded afterwards and wouldn’t need to run. Certainly those who are hard gainers couldn’t afford to burn off too many calories.

Then again, there are those who gain easy but need more definition. Everybody has his own preference in the type of training he does. Many men make great gains through heavy training with several minutes rest between sets, but though their size increases, they can’t get cut through this method. You could always tell these people to train lighter and faster, but if they don’t enjoy this type of training, they won’t put out enough and thereby would lose rather than progress. To these people, I’d suggest adding running to their schedules. I’ve run two miles, three days a week prior to contests and found that it really brings out the definition. I wouldn’t recommend more than three days a week of running or a distance of over two miles. Sprints are of even more benefit than a mile or two of running for development. Sprinters, as you notice when you watch a track meet, have very muscular legs as opposed to the lean, lanky look of distance runners.

To flatly state that nobody can make great gains with running as part of their training, would be an error.

A few of the champions who have run along with weight training are Bill Pearl, Sergio Oliva, Chuck Sipes and Franco Columbo. These men haven’t suffered muscle loss as a result of running, but neither are they hard gainers. To sum this up, if you have a hard time gaining muscle size, save your energy for the weight room. If you tend to be bulky, try adding running to your schedule.”

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