Strand Pulling Exercises For Legs and Abs

The following chest expander exercises was recommended and developed by training expert David Webster. You are allowed to use any form of resistance equipment (Bands, Strand Pulling or Cable). In this tutorial he used the strand pulling and resistance band, have fun!

Strand Pulling Workout for Abs

Sit Ups

bandworkout abs

The strandpulling version of an old favorite sit-up. The feet will have to be held down by a heavy object – or your training partner.

An old favorite as a free exercise, or with weights, is the sit up. Now try it with strands. Lie flat on your back with one end of the strand fixed well behind the head while the other end, still with handle, is held at the back of the neck.

Sit up and keep going until your head is as near to your knees as it can go.

Back Press with trunk twist

band workout abs

For the best results use both versions – sitting and standing. Use fairly heavy poundages and get as much twist as possible.

Note how low on the back the strands are held when you assume the starting position. The exercise is done with a fairly high poundage. Press strongly until both arms are straight. At the same time the body is twisted in the middle, so what actually happens is a pushing of the hand to right foot. Repeat first to one side and then the other, always resuming the starting position between each rep. Do try to turn as much as you can in the waist – this is one occasion when you do well to twist yourself.

For the lower abdominals – the Bent Leg Raise

bandworkout legs

Use high reps for reduction purpose, moderate reps for average needs. This involves lying on the back with legs straight and strands fastened to the feet. Bend the knees and curl the legs as close to the chest as possible, allowing your hips to rise off the floor. The leg flexors do quite a bit of work here, too. No need for tubby hubbies with exercises like this to do.

For reduction purposes high reps are advisable (groups of 15-20). In ordinary schedules 10-15 reps are sufficient for average needs.

Breathing is important
In all abdominal movements breathing is very important. Always let your intake of breath be unrestricted; if you find this extremly hard then your poundage is too high. Reduce it before your next workout. Repetitions in good style mean more than poundage in this case.

Strand Pulling Workout for legs

 The quadriceps stretch – a super leg movement

band workout legs

Make sure the leg is fully extended each repetition. Straighten the pulling leg moving only from knee down. Make sure you reach the horizontal position before returning for the next rep.

Adductor pulls – for the inside thigh muscles

bandworkout legs

The muscles inside the thigh are often neglected. These are called the adductors. Cowboys use them to grip the side of the horse and breast stroke swimmers are usually powerful in this group.

Stand with the pulling leg nearest to the strands and the foot raised off the ground as shown in the photograph. You will find it best to have the strand clipped to the side of the foot in this case. That being done, pull the leg – no bending – towards and slightly past the supporting foot, rotating the leg and foo outwards as the movement is performed. The poser in the pic shows the finished position. Notice how the foot has been turned.

Thighs curls

band workout legs

Thighs curls – gives bulk to an oft neglected part of the leg. And don’t forget – a bit extra pull when you near the end of the movement.

The curls can be done in two ways, lying or standing. Adjust the stirrup to the position that feels most comfortable and with hips and thigh fixed bend the leg as much as possible at the knee joint. When you get near the end it becomes very hard indeed, but just give it extra pull.

The Bodybuilder January 1953

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