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A Personal Interview with Abe Goldberg

A Personal Interview with Abe Goldbergby Prof. Em. OrlickYour Physique 1947 May His name is Abe Goldberg, and believe me, Joe’s enthusiasm about him was not misplaced. Abe stripped to gym togs for me and gave a nice muscular display as anyone could hope to see. His body was terrific and his muscular definition phenomenal. …

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Marvin Eder: The benchpress enthusiast

Marvin Eder is a great bodybuilding and strength legend that is all but forgotten. He is unknown to today’s new generation, and that is a tragedy. He never gained the respect or notoriety he deserved! He was either the 2nd or 3rd man in the world to bench 500lb/226kg. (The first was Doug Hepburn, the other …

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Reg Park: The Strong Gentleman

Reg Park: The Strong Gentleman

Large broad shouldered, an easy laugh, well dressed, displaying a big neck, 3 times Mr. Universe Winner AND Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reason to start bodybuilding. Here’s the story of Reg Park!!! Reg Park was born on the 7th June 1928. He had an average childhood and was above average in swimming and athletics. Reg’s interest in …

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